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  2. 2 for me, though I did double-back to an Atari 2600 when my dad cleaned out the basement and wanted to show my brother and I what he used to play in his downtime.
  3. SI article to go along w/Friedman tweet Stalock Expected to Miss Entire 21-22 Season After Developing Myocarditis After Testing Positive for COVID-19
  4. 3 and i've used all of them except for 19/20. I can't bring myself to get a next-gen console just yet.
  5. Yeah, NES for me as well. Now I use a switch and a SNES remake called the Analogue Super NT.
  6. Well, I can't see the actual tweet, but I can just see the raw text of it so I can at least read them. With the old format, I couldn't see anything at all. @PeteYeah, they display just fine on my phone, so that makes sense there are some issues on my work PC because they are Twitter affiliated.
  7. Don’t recall this being announced. Last I heard gallant said he would meet with his team to designate roles.
  8. Didn't they kind of announce this weeks ago, Phil...or Merc has nothing to write about yet??
  9. I'm going to see these guys friday night. They are perfectly funky and trippy. Kind of like Vulfpeck meets Homeshake
  10. Formality, so we know who to string up when one or both falter.
  11. Today
  12. I'm stoked. But then again I'm never not when it comes to Ghost.
  13. ...Pretty much, Nashty!!! LOL or more like:
  14. Hart Memorial Trophy: MacKinnon James Norris Memorial Trophy: Makar Vezina Trophy: Hellyebuck Calder Memorial Trophy: Caulfield Selke Trophy: Bergeron Jack Adams: Trotz Jim Gregory Award: Sakic Lady Byng Trophy: Matthews Ted Lindsay Award: McDavid
  15. Hart Memorial Trophy: Awarded annually to the player judged most valuable to their team. 2022 Winner: Connor McDavid James Norris Memorial Trophy: Awarded annually to the defense player who demonstrates throughout the season the greatest all-around ability in the position. 2022 Winner: Adam Fox Vezina Trophy: Awarded annually to the NHL goaltender who is adjudged the best at this position. 2022 Winner: Vasilevsky Calder Memorial Trophy: Awarded annually to the player selected as the most proficient in his first year of competition in the NHL. 2022 Winner: Caufield Selke Trophy: Awarded annually to the forward who best excels in the defensive aspects of the game. 2022 Winner: Barkov Jack Adams: Annual award presented to the coach adjudged to have contributed the most to their team’s success. 2022 Winner: Barry Trotz Jim Gregory Award An annual award to recognize the work of the top General Manager in the NHL. 2022 Winner: Chris Drury Lady Byng Trophy: An annual award to recognize the player adjudged to have exhibited the best type of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability. 2022 Winner: Artemi Panarin Ted Lindsay Award: An annual award to recognize the NHL's most outstanding player in the regular season as judged by the members of the NHL Players' Association. 2022 Winner: Connor Mcdavid
  16. Ozzy

    The Flying Puck

    He's got the Stanley Cup in that bag!
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