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  1. Have to assume that Nashville will stack the deck against our top line in this. Time for Lafreniere to live up to the hype.
  2. You can like or dislike Drury's style, personnel decisions etc...but ultimately the actual results on the ice after 2-3 years will be the initial measuring stick. If its true that he was never big on the Kravtsov pick, than he's potentially dealing with leftover issues from the last regime - so he has the leeway to let his own vision play out. Secondly, any narrative you hear directly from a horses mouth is going to be somewhat biased one way or the other - all the more so when its secondhand from various reporting. Which is why ultimately only the overall organization's results will tell the story in the long term.
  3. looking like we should've signed him to one of those big time 8 year, 8M+ contracts...
  4. Who knows - maybe they could've communicated better but its speculative. One thing that's not speculative though is the mother f'n contract he signed. Who is this guy - Eichel? - that he thinks he has the leverage to back out and force the teams hand. He hasn't done a damn thing at the NHL level. He's still just a scrub with high potential.
  5. We're all excited about Kravtsov's potential so this whole thing is a big let down. But if he was really close to being an effective/productive top 9 player at this time, he would've made the team. Chances are he'd just continue to flash potential while not having a net positive impact on games.
  6. I remember when Buchnevich wasn't hacking it in year 1-2...because he didn't have the conditioning and commitment to the two way game. Except he wasn't a top 10 pick with the 'luxury' of having an overinflated ego, so i guess he was forced to actually put in the work and evolve - which he sure as hell did. Kravtsov, without putting in the work, would probably never amount to much anyways.
  7. Zibanejads short handed breakaway - where he takes the puck at his own blue line and blows past the defender - was the sign that hes getting in the zone.
  8. didn't watch too closely, but the biggest positives: 1) Zibanejad looks close to catching fire 2) Blais jumps off the screen - dude has to play above the 4th line 3) Shesty looks primed to keep us in most games
  9. Caught a few minutes of him on the broadcast...dude jumps off the screen with positive energy and passion. He's built for the job.
  10. I could understand needing some time under a new coach for the right leader to be chosen. But you have to hope someone will emerge head and shoulders above the rest as the main leader.
  11. Kakko and Blais are making Drury look pretty smart for not spending on Buch
  12. Aside from the contract situation, never really understood why Zibanejad wasn't the obvious choice. Absolute world class hockey player and tons of confidence.
  13. 9 million for 6 years is probably what theyde need to offer to lock him right now, along with full NMC and whatever up front signing bonuses are possible. Dont think hed take any less. Of course, if hes ripping it up this season, scoring at his insane end of last year and previous year pace, the price could go up.
  14. Fine, but really cant say what ur getting from lundqvist at this point. If u just have faith in the guy, ok - ur entitled.
  15. back to reality? even remotely? we've seen lundqvist in a backup role for parts of his last season and i don't recall it being impressive. we've also seen Georgie go on fire here and there, and given his age, i don't think you can rule out that he still has a chance to hit another level in terms of consistency.
  16. Sorry to crash all the sentimental romance, but I don't remember him being very good in his last year or two playing.
  17. Shesty flashed brilliance 2 seasons ago. If he can get back to playing that way, this contract will be a steal.
  18. How shitty is the kreider deal now...granted, its partly monday morning qbing, cause if we didnt have laf, he might be an important peace. But who knows what we wouldve got for him at the deadline that season. Buch is the better player now, imo, and with more potential down the road.
  19. Chytil ought to be given a shot at playing the 2c. He should still come cheap for the foreseeable future, so if he hits his stride and develops into a legit top 6, u still have some extra cash to sign the fox's, laf's, kakko's etc.
  20. At that price point, theyll have to trade him if they can get a good enough return.
  21. I probably wasn't paying attention at the time, but did Mac really have the same pressure to perform in his first 2 years in NY as Fox did? The trade/sign for Fox and then him making the team right away certainly put eyeballs on him from the get go. And then facing the equally challenging 'sophomore slump' dynamic? He crushed the hell out of that.
  22. Fox has ice water running through his veins. If i recall correctly, Mac's game to a significant hit when he was named captain - got in his head.
  23. 60% coaching. Hockey is such a fluid game, the way all 5 players work together on the ice is way more impactful than the individual talent level each guy has alone - at least at the pro level where you can only fall so far behind with a salary cap in place.
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