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  1. I think it's going to be a blast. Hoping for a straight-forward playoff with top-4 in each division battling out for a semifinals spot. Simplicity is always good. The East division is going to be tough, sure, but also really exciting. For me, the tiers are: A: Boston, Washington B: Philly, Pittsburgh C: Rangers, Islanders D: Buffalo, New Jersey But there's every chance for the Rangers to pop into the top-4. Very exciting times ahead.
  2. I'm still worried that the Rangers rush players in from Europe or Juniors. Lias, Chytil and Kravtsov (and maybe Kakko) should all have been given at least one more year in Europe before bringing them over. It does them no favors to have them struggling and failing in the NHL insted of growing slowly in Europe. Why the rush? All it does is give the guys a dent in their confidence and adds to the pressure. Hopefully, that lesson has been learned with regards to K'Andre Miller and Nils Lundkvist. Let them develop slowly and bring them in when they are truly ready. The NHL is not a good developing environment - but it's not meant to be either.
  3. Well, that's not quite true. Performance bonuses do count against the cap, but you are allowed to exceed the cap by 7.5 pct. for performance bonuses. That should be more than enough for the ELCs that the Rangers currently have.
  4. I agree. But I think it is a shame that he was brought over so quickly and played in the AHL only to go back. It was unnecessary. Let the russian kids follow a natural trajectory and don't bring them over at all before they are dominating the KHL.
  5. Remember that Panarin spent 5 years in the KHL after his draft year and Buchnevich spent 3 years there. Of course, you expect a top-10 pick to be ready sooner, but I think it's very good for him to stay in the KHL for another year or two and focus on his development. Kravtsov and Andersson are obviously not looking like good picks right now, but the biggest mistake was perhaps to bring them over far too soon. That certainly didn't do those two kids any favors. Let them stay and mature and bring them in whenever they are ready.
  6. You gotta give Hank a shot at this in one of the exhibition games. This situation could be exactly the kick he needs to up his hunger and desire. Coming back for one last playoff push and proving all the doubters and haters wrong? That would be all the motivation I need, but maybe I've been watching too much of the 'Last Dance' :D
  7. I'm sure it's nothing like that. To me, it sounds like he has been really stressed and pressured in NY and eventually, he cracked from all the negative experiences and had to get away from everything. For me, it's a lesson about not bringing these young guys over too early. It would have been way better to have Lias develop in the SHL and then get a year in the AHL while being eased into the roster. Being forced into the lineup at the age of 18 and then being dropped again and again was by no means helpful.
  8. The link above (G?teborgsposten) is the original source and not wrong. It's an elaboration from the TV interview. "Psykisk h?lsa" doesn't mean that he is mentally ill, but that he has been feeling depressed/stressed or whatever. Word-for-word, Lias says this to G?teborgsposten: "There has been many incidents that drew on me on a personal level, issues that left me feeling less than well mentally. Hockeywise, this may be an idiotic decision, but I had to consider my private life also" "There is a more important career - and that is friends, family and my health. Hockeywise, we will see in a few years, but probably it wasn't the smartest decision if I want to play in the NHL. But hockey is played many places. Many think this is a hockey decision, but it's a decision for my health" "H?lsa" could also be translated to "well-being" rather than "health" for nuances - neither English or swedish is my native language, so I hope it makes sense :)
  9. 1. Artemi Panarin 2. Mika Zibanejad 3. Ryan Strome 4. Adam Fox 5. Chris Kreider 6. Tony DeAngelo 7. Filip Chytil 8. Jacob Trouba 9. Jesper Fast 10. Alexander Georgiev -1 11. Pavel Buchnevich 12. Henrik Lundqvist 13. Brendan Lemieux -1 14. Ryan Lindgren 15. Brady Skjei 16. Brett Howden 17. Kappo Kakko 18. Marc Staal 19. Libor Hajek 20. Gregg McKegg 21. Brendan Smith 22. Micheal Haley 23. Steven Fogarty
  10. When considering Kreider's pricetag, you have to consider the market. The demand for rental forwards is unquestionable - especially since Kreider is a well-rounded forward. Physical, can score, does PK etc. And then there's the supply of good UFA forwards for the rental market, which could be extremely narrow considering which teams are likely to be selling: Chris Kreider Tyler Toffoli Michael Frolik Wayne Simmonds Vlad Namestnikov Conor Sheary (potentially some guys from Nashville, Florida or Edmonton if they are sellers) Out of that bunch, Kreider looks like the top target in my opinion, which should drive up his price tag, especially since Hall is already gone from the market.
  11. The biggest issue is the cap hit of next season. Basically, the Rangers have 15-17M of cap space (depending on cap increase) to fill 9 roster spots. You can fill in Shestyorkin and Kravtsov plus a further 3 AHL/ELC guys. That's about 5M. Then you have 10-12M to resign or replace deAngelo, Kreider, Strome and Fast, who all hold trade value at the deadline. Therefore at least one of those four guys must be traded - it's as simple as that. You could argue for trading both Kreider and Strome, although I doubt it. The forward rental market seems extremely thin this year, so their values could be high near the deadline.
  12. I have to admit that a buy-out of Hank would completely alienate me from the Rangers. He is such a phenomenon and icon of the Rangers and it's very important emotionally to give him a decent ending at the club.
  13. It's an interesting question whether the Rangers bring in prospects too early - specifically Lias, Chytil and now Kravtsov. Right now, the doctrine seems to be - "bring them in and then send them back or demote them" rather than "bring them in for Traverse, but only bring them to camp when they have proven ready in juniors/Europe". If Lias and Chytil was only brought in this summer - would we view them differently? If Kravtsov simply had been given another year in the KHL without coming to camp - would we view it differently? Would it be better?
  14. Well, he did put up 52 points in his first 132 NHL games, including 30 in 61 last season. In his first 130 NHL games, Jacob Trouba had 51 points (at age 19-21, admittedly). I know points are what they are, but it's gotta count for something.
  15. I'd love to see a line-up like this: 1st: Kreider-Zibanejad-Kakko (Reliable and comfortable landing spot for Kakko) 2nd: Panarin-Chytil-Buchnevich (Exploiting Panarin to get Chytil and Buchnevich going) 3rd: Namestnikov-Strome-Andersson (Two reliable, experienced guys that you can attach Lias or Kravtsov to) 4th: Lemieux-Howden-Fast (Potentially a very nice matching line)
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