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  1. you're just full of hate. you just dont understand how many 9 year olds had their hearts broken with Kravtsov's departure.
  2. I totally expect them to trade Chytl for Strome jr
  3. And he’s right. Kreider is on the long term contract. No reason for Kravtsov to think he’ll get traded any time soon
  4. he didnt ask for it. all he wanted is an apartment for his mistress
  5. detroit was pretty good during those years. shit, they won with osgood and vernon, 2 good enough but not great goalies.
  6. Brodeur had pretty good teams in front of him. 3 cups in 9 years attests to that
  7. You’re right. It is probably wiser for him to take the AHL route but he’s a 21 year old hockey player who probably wasnt very good at school.
  8. If that’s the path he has to take. He obviously doesnt see any future with the Rangers, which is a shame.
  9. If your goalie has to steal games for your team to win, your team sucks.
  10. He looks like he’s earning his paycheck. So is Kreider. You know who’s not earning his paycheck? Fucking Trouba. I’d send him to Russia for Kravtsov
  11. Kravtsov said publicly when he went to play in Russia the first time that he doesnt want to be a call-up. He doesn’t want to take somebody else’s spot when that player gets injured and sent back down when the player gets healthy. He wants a permanent spot on the team. He sees his assignment to AHL as not making the team and playing for the minor league. So he prefers to play in the KHL at home than playing in a minor league in a foreign country.
  12. Prudential center does not require anything, not even a mask
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