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  1. #1. Can't remember when that was, probably late 80s.
  2. Check this out on Netflix guys:
  3. Yeah I guess there's an outside chance they could decide to reimplement different forms of Touch ID with the advancement of the technology. But will be interesting to see how they implement Face ID on the iPhone 14 if the recent rumors gaining steam that it's going to be a notch-less design, are true.
  4. I think the iPad Mini and the regular iPad are the only ones which still retain Touch ID unlocking? But yeah cost is likely the driving factor. Most consumers I don't think are going to want to pay for the extra R&D and manufacturing costs associating with having both technologies within a device that's the same dimensions/weight as right now. Apple milks the price tag enough as it is.
  5. Apple has committed to Face ID being the design path going forward and Touch ID is being phased out. Why would their design team commit to both? It'll unnecessarily increase the dimensions/weight of the device, not to mention the costs, which is high enough as it is. Until their recognition algorithm can be revised to effectively figure out a way around masks, we already have a simple alternative available to us: entering your passcode.
  6. Ah weird, I always had challenges with Touch ID, like if I didn't have the right angle or some greasy/water shit on my hands. Never had any issues with Face ID, I just have multiple facial recognition profiles setup, with and without glasses. Masks unfortunately are another challenge altogether.
  7. So looking at the specs of the iPhone 13 Pro, it's basically a small incremental upgrade over the iPhone 12 Pro with the usual annual improvements to the processor/camera/screen/battery. No earth shattering new advancements. And as with most iPhones, you can skip a few generations to make the upgrade worth the money, unless you just have cash to burn or are an Apple fanboy.
  8. The Touch ID sensor is on the top right of the iPad Mini on the frame. Why would the iPhone need a Touch ID sensor when it uses Face ID?
  9. Sure could've used the Halo on this day, Liuzzi's car nearly decapitated poor Michael.
  10. Inconsistent FIA stewarding at it's best. A penalty for that? For fuck's sake.
  11. Yeah the replays showed that incident to be much sketchier than it looked at first. Could've been a very serious or maybe even fatal head injury for Hamilton so it was a close call for sure. The roll hoop also did it's job in holding up the chassis of the Red Bull. But just goes to show why they crash test these cars to such a high standard.
  12. After years of processions, Monza throws up two absolutely surprising races in a row. Very unexpected result, but McLaren have been improving steadily and would've likely won this race even without the Verstappen/Hamilton incident, which just spiced things up even more. Well deserved 1-2 for the team after all the hard work and misery of the last 5-6 years. You just knew that was going to happen with Verstappen and Hamilton eh. Especially Hamilton getting squeezed on Lap 1. Not to mention all the past history of this season. Neither driver gives each other an inch and neither yield today. Ultimately, good for Verstappen as he extends his championship lead thanks to yesterday's sprint points. And this championship just gets even more tension as we go down the final stretch.
  13. I love Domino's as well, it's been my go to place for years for "fast food" grade pizza. Definitely hits the spot each time. But definitely not if I was craving an authentic wood fired Neapolitan style pizza.
  14. I make no excuses for my OCD'ness when it comes to these things
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