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  1. I would imagine they would be able to get out of having to pay him until he is able to play and they would still hold his rights.
  2. Story from ^ tweet... Six prospects who boosted their stock at New York Rangers' development camp Barron Cuylle Jones Lundkvist Pajuniemi Robertson
  3. Anyone watch the MNF broadcast with Peyton & Eli? It's awesome.
  4. Yes, you need players that bring what Trouba brings, but this is a money issue. Its not straight up Trouba > Schneider. It's Schneider @ $925k, + the ability to resign Fox, Laf, Kakko, etc > Trouba @ $8m.
  5. Dean Koontz 'Frankenstein' series is good too.
  6. Did you watch Game of Tnrones and not read the books? The books are way better/more in depth.
  7. I would support this move. Bring him into camp for Chytil to learn from and then cut him. Could be injuries in camp and they keep him.
  8. Yes, NBA has the 'normal' home, away, and 3rd jersey. Then the usually have 2 other 'special edition' uniforms. I would guess the question for the NHL would be do the special jersey sales generate enough revenue to support the matching equipment (helmets, pants, socks, gloves, etc), but you have to believe it would. Even if it were a wash financially getting all that merch on the streets could only be a benefit.
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