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  1. Seth Jones was picked ahead of Adam Fox for team USA I wish we could just give Blais the Goodrow deal lol
  2. Imagine if Dryden Hunt had even decent hands? He’s be what we thought we were getting for 6 years in Goodrow lol
  3. Let him match Jones 9.5x8 and be done with it. Leaves about 10 mil in cap space to sign Kakko, a backup goalie, Stome/Strome replacement, re-sign Blais + fill out the roster
  4. Jeff Skinner is having a point per game season and the Sabres are undefeated That is all
  5. I love when Trouba takes the body, he loves to hit I hate when Trouba misses the net 3 times a game I love his willingness to stick up for teammates I hate him getting burned by any forward with decent speed on a rush.
  6. I'm not going against the opinion that Trouba is overpaid and not that good. with that said, he literally saved the game in OT on that Matthews chance and made a couple of other really nice plays. Almost won it in OT as well.
  7. The moment the pick comes to Hunt he becomes a very not good hockey player lol he does fine without the puck
  8. Not EA NHL related per se, but hopefully this happens across all the sports. Would love it if someone came in with a better game instead of all these sports games just getting recycled year after year
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