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  1. Honestly, I think it's because they're way more physical than most of these teams. The other team takes a beating for 50 minutes and the last 10 the Rangers take over.
  2. Team has a much different feel defensively. That final shift by Goodrow was insane, starting with the faceoff win.
  3. At this point Gauthier is gonna have to change his game if he wants to be a regular. Learn to PK or win faceoffs or something. Puck handling is not for him.
  4. Yeah. In a perfect world, Blais is on the 4th line making that 4th line a lot of fun to watch. 2nd line Sammy Blais means we're desperate for warm bodies.
  5. Hunt was supposed to be a fringe NHL roster player. Now he's on the 3rd line... Get well soon Strome and Kakko, we need you.
  6. They've had faceoff coaches over the years. They had one this year at camp. Just seems to me some people just suck at them. At this point, if you're Mika or Strome, are you really gonna get better at faceoffs? I have a hard time seeing it. This is part of my problem with having a Mika/Strome 1/2 punch. Neither player can win a faceoff so you can't necessarily swap one for the other if you need a big win.
  7. Mika won something like 5 of 30 faceoffs. You pretty much can't have an effective PP if you can't win a faceoff.
  8. Teams in a weird space right now. Laf is not a 1st liner and neither is Krieder. Chytil is not a second liner and neither is Goodrow. McKegg is not an NHLer and neither is Hunt. Nothing seems like it's working offensively so far this year. On the other hand, Shesterkin is sick.
  9. Only reason I don't want it to be Vince is because I enjoying reading/listening to his shit for free.
  10. Leafs don't like to be hit so, even with a somewhat depleted roster, I feel like we match up well against them if we're on our game.
  11. Vince suggested that Bobrov was fired this summer because of his influence in picking Andersson and Kravstov. If that's true, it feels like the Rangers have known this issue was likely to come up again.
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