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  1. CasperKreider shouldn’t need a C to show up more consistently IMO. I like his vocal approach when answering Qs - he’s quite direct and that’s a good sign. The disappearing stuff is unacceptable though and if a contract didn’t motivate him then getting a letter on his sweater won’t either.
  2. KC 35 BAL 36 - with absolutely no skin in this game this was a fun watch!
  3. Man what a ride that team gave us fans. Yeah, amazing and terribly sad at the same time. Doc watching the parade from the drug house got me. Geez.
  4. Me too. In between homes right now waiting for construction to be done in 7-10 days.
  5. KC v BAL is entertaining enough…who gonna’ win this offensive shootout? I like the non-stop scoring.
  6. Damn if the thought of this game - OPENING NIGHT! - didn't raise wood around here...let's go!!!! *knocks on wood*
  7. Cyclone Roller Coaster: "I'll give you the ups and downs of your life!" Mets: "Hold our beer..."
  8. I went off on a tangent mentally - sorry about that. More about Nazis and what they can believe in their own homes but don't impose that on me. My tangential thought was that if the majority want it (society-wide) then 'that,' whatever 'that' is will rule the day and will and can be imposed on the rest. In the case of vaccines, it has become acceptable to get the polio vaccine, or smallpox, etc. This COVID vaccine has become a political test of wills...and if the few are ruining it for the many, then yeah, impose the mandate. Let's put it another way - and I know it's hypothetical - but what if you were told, believed and accepted the science behind the idea that 100% inoculation would end the pandemic and masks were to become an unusual part of history? Would people still resist?
  9. IDC what you believe in while in your home, your apartment, car....whatever. But your beliefs to me are like the fart test; If you smell 'em and like them then "good for you!" but I should not have to smell your gas. Opinions, beliefs, etc., should all be protected in a free society but not at the expense of imposing them on me. Here is where this all falls apart though, especially when trying to also say that 'if the majority of people want it...' because that creates the slippery slope when we cannot agree a) who is the majority, b) was their vote valid and c) one doesn't accept the majority or the results.
  10. Paul DeResta talked about an incident he had with Senna where the wheel was near his shoulder and the tire was spinning. Said it was frightening. I bet.
  11. VER assessed a 3-place grid penalty next race for crash with HAM. I do not agree. If FIA wanted to take a ‘pass’ then call it a racing incident.
  12. Well deserved for a likable guy and Lando takes 2nd too - great day for McLaren. VER & HAM not going to go out for a beer together after this one.
  13. Glad for RUS and BOT finally free from MB madness. His run at the fastest lap point was a huge middle-finger towards Toto IMO. Toto being a bit of a problem for ALB now? So much drama in F1. Just race boys.
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