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  1. It was a good night despite Dak Prescott and his Buchnevich loving golden pussy and the boob sweat.
  2. Never read the books. After watching the original movie just hearing the name Dune makes me cringe.
  3. So, if they play bad and lose it will be like double torture.
  4. I took the whole first line for the Rangers in fantasy tonight so they'll probably get shut out.
  5. MacTavish was always my top pick for faceoffs. Nieuwendyk is 3rd all time, Oates 8th and Messier 50th in faceoff winning percentage.
  6. The real question is who gets traded first Eichel or Kravtsov?
  7. The biggest problem with getting rid of Trouba in a year or two is going to be who wants to take that contract on.
  8. You would think in the near future the defense is going to be some combination of Fox, Lindgren, Miller, Lundkvist, Schneider, Jones, Robertson.
  9. They can't win a faceoff so it's an easy first clear for the shorthanded team and then they stack the line so the Rangers can't carry the puck in. So, they get basically have no set up time on the power play.
  10. Hasek was even better when he was on the Sabres.
  11. I'm not sure if there's a bar between Morris Ave and Avenue A. Last game we saw together was that crazy 10 goal game by D'Angelo at the Garden.
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