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  1. Gretzky had a season he scored 215 points once ('85-'86), Zuc man....that was after 2 seasons in a row of 212 points in '81-'82. Fucking guy was magical!
  2. I think you guys have a point on both sides of this; I see Keith's point of view by at least maybe asking to see if a bridge contract might work for Cap reasons, but I wouldn't hold Foxy's feet to the fire on account of it. If there's a "no go" on that, if it's me...I'm not messing around with Fox. He's worth every last dime on an 8 year $9-$9.5 million deal. I'd fork it over, and say THANK YOU! I'd unload whomever we have to in order to keep this guy a life long Ranger! ...oh yeah, and give Fox the "C" already, for fuck sake!!! LOL
  3. Yeah, exactly Sharpy!!! ...if that!!! We may just lose them all!! LOL
  4. For the first time in a long time, Pete....I really don't sweat the Devils. We have this guy:
  5. That fucking blows for the kid...he's got a really bright future ahead of him. I know he's a "fucking Devil" but I hate to see this kinda shit!
  6. They have a pretty good track record when we're drinking & watching! ..and we have our sidekick with us tonight!! Let's do this, man!!
  7. Seems they can come up with a stat for anything these days now, Morph!!! Did you also know that this is the first time since the '08-'09 season that Sam Rosen simultaneously farted upon the Rangers scoring the winning goal in OT??? LOL
  8. I hear ya, man....it's a shame what's going on with Kravvy. I hope to see things eventually work out for us, and him....It sure doesn't look like that's going to happen overnight, but we'll see if we can score any kind of value in return for him if we go that direction. I'd rather see both sides, bury the damn hatchet and get him back in the mix....all in time I suppose.
  9. Give Sammy the Bull a few more games, Zuuc man...I think you're gonna like him in time. It's still early and I think he fits a role here for us that we're going to need in the post season.
  10. If this is in a GDT that wins automatically!!! LOL
  11. Yeah, that's pretty terrible....makes time of possession numbers look awful too. Hard to score when you're chasing the puck all game. I think I remember reading that the Rangers called in a former linesman to help with faceoffs...I really don't know how that helps...I'd rather them go a get a guy like Messier, Adam Oates or Joe Nieuwendyk...those guys are the best face off guys I ever saw.
  12. Not only that, but he still has that NMC, so we'd most likely have to move him to a contender....with cap space...maybe a team like Columbus??
  13. The intermissions and postgames with Hank have been absolutely tremendous. He has a really great touch for the show, and adds that "Must see" element to it. I think he's perfect, and Valley has been pretty entertaining as a sidekick this season so far without boring me with goalie metrics. I find myself NOT changing channels so quickly, or at all in some cases through the first 4 games.
  14. Pretty fair starting point...seems like a bit of a discount to me. I hope we see some growth out of Schneider and Robertson this season, considerable enough to become the replacement for Trouba, who is looking very much like the 40,000 lbs elephant in the room.
  15. I still think Schneider is going to be the heir apparent to Trouba here, Pete....maybe Robertson as well, but I think they still need a little time in the cooker.
  16. It really hurts losing faceoff's on PP attempts, because you lose 25-30 seconds just bringing it back up ice, and entry to the zone. I'm not sure, about the percentage, Sharpy but if I had to guess, I would think it would be a small number of teams that pulled that rabbit out of their ass.
  17. Can we please get a coach or a doctor in here to help us with Face-off's??? Holy shit!! If we're going to make any noise this season, we better get our shit together at the dot, because we're fucking horrendous!!
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