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  1. Michael Lewis' new book The Premonition is great. It's about the history of the people who track communicable diseases and the responses during COVID
  2. Going to give Pizza Hut some love here. Their pan pizzas are awesome. Also love the novelty of those $10 boxes they have But Dominos is the go to since there's way more locations
  3. Sounds good, thanks. Really not that important now with working from home, was something I used to make everything look less flashy in the office
  4. Is there a way to turn off avatars and only show image as links?
  5. "happy 700 MomRides4Wine.... wow so many milestones... if i dont get to you shout me out on insta!"
  6. The class was pretty good but the playlist was pretty ass. No real difference than taking the recorded version unless you're doing a big milestone ride and are looking for a shout out or if you just want to be kept on a schedule
  7. For me its 1. Emma Lovewell 2. Dennis Mortin 3. Matt Wilpers 4. Hannah Corbin 5. Olivia Amato 6. Ally Love 7. Ben Aldis 8. Leanne Hainsby Olivias climbing in the rankings as I’m getting a bit better at it. Hannahs classes are great for non balls to the walls days Leannes actually doing a live 2000s rock ride tomorrow at 12:30 EST I’m planning on taking. Anyone else in?
  8. Yea, he consistently has good playlists but I just don't like him as an instructor
  9. Toms extremely well written. There's so many dudes in that world that are just like him
  10. "Alright I'm looking for a 110 cadence with a minimum resistance of 57, lets get there!! you didn't get on the bike to make excuses!!"
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