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  1. Yukon on the end of another great setup into the wide open net!!
  2. That was one of those Save! Score! calls Let's see if it counts.
  3. and that's with his girlfriend's hairband keeping whatever he's got up there heading in the direction for the best possible coverage
  4. Glad to see Blais head off but he's back on the bench for now. Hunt - sheesh. I know you don't want to put your team shorthanded but maybe Reaves can pick a spot and at least start facewashing and maybe make something happen at some point. He's been solid I'm talking about the intimidation part.
  5. JAG/Plug whatever is least offensive (like his game I guess). Regardless pretty clear he's not going to figure it out at this level when he can't stick while we're 2 forwards down. Would seem to make more sense when everyone is healthy have him play in Hartford and McKegg work the nachos. At least have the kid on the ice trying to figure something out that might translate to the NHL game. I don't see it but no sense in him continuing on the road he's been on here.
  6. Yep, he sure is consistent, can't ever take that away from him.
  7. 1 shot through 12 mins, no spin necessary. Losing over 70% of the FO.
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