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  1. 3/6 possible points. WE'RE AT .500, BABEE! Far from flawless, but better total effort than the other two. And Shesty came up with some gems. I hope this disabuses Gallant of the idea that there is an actual goalie competition going on.
  2. Late again, but not to bad for the past 4-5. Good o-zone play, making Holtby work. Better.
  3. I started late, but I haven't seen anything that could have been construed as a big save by Georgiev. Anything mildly challenging has gone in.
  4. I apparently missed the reason why Georgiev started. Enlighten me? Is it because Gallant thinks they're actually comparable?
  5. Any way you size it, losing his value would be a tragedy. And can I just echo the sentiment that it totally sucks to be preoccupied with this on what should be an exhilarating opening day?
  6. I won't argue with that. Like I said,, I like Kravtsov a lot. So it leads me to believe that the behavioral stuff is worse than we know. I find it hard to accept a simple reasoning that Drury is stupid and doesn't know what he's doing. Again, you can argue that maybe Krav needed more hand-holding or a softer touch. May all be true. But I find it hard to believe that this situation evolved to the point of massive financial risk without cause.
  7. Do you really think he's "shown his worth" in the NHL? He's shown promise. He's shown improvement. But he is a young, developing player. He's no Caulfield or Zegras. What he's shown is a player with potential that has a ways to go. And that puts him on the bubble of a more role-oriented team.
  8. Yes. I don't know about getting decisively beaten out by Gauthier. But there has to have been general noise around this that goes beyond sheer performance. If Krav is bitching to other players about he's the shit and not getting a fair shake, that is a net negative - unless he is clearly showing on the ice that they're wrong. It sounds like Drury has been coping with this for awhile, but I bet Gallant gives zero fucks for a kid who has not yet brought first rate performance at the NHL level demanding premier placement. Again, I can see better communication and management paths that could have avoided a showdown. But I can also see that they believed they were doing the best thing for the team at this moment.
  9. I like Krav a lot. Drury had to have options to manage this better. But I bet both he and Gallant can smell the privileged attitude in a player like that who is so willing to believe his own hype before there are real results to back it up. From a pure value standpoint, it's mismanagement, but you can't have a princeling running around demanding shit. It undermines the whole team. Meanwhile, there are a couple guys in Windsor and Flint (and Barron in HFD), going "YESSSS! I was born to be an NHL 3rd liner and my path just got a little clearer."
  10. I would bet Drury sold it to VK as some kind of extended training camp or some shit while he figures out a plan B for the flotsam and jetsam.
  11. Same as 2 years ago. Mika is 4th Ranger to score 50 goals. No COVID, no injuries, no problem.
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