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  1. Chytil has been one of the bigger gym rats over the last few years. He's spent significant time training with Kreider and Ben Prentiss. I'm not concerned about his strength. I hope he worked on faceoffs or I don't know...being smarter?
  2. Those are all of their top prospects there so you'd hope they'd be good.
  3. Lundkvist definitely has a spot that’s his to lose. The second PP unit could certainly use him, though it’d benefit the most from both him and Jones together, as Lundkvist is more of a trigger than playmaker. The actual fight in camp is going to be for the fourth line. Barron and Richards with some outsiders like Gettinger and Cuylle. Someone is likely to rotate with Reaves and I doubt it’ll be Gauthier given he offers little in the way of defense.
  4. It’s like a Subway/Chipotle but you customize your own personal pizza at the counter.
  5. I had Dominos constantly throughout college because it was one of two local places open after 10. It's definitely not pizza, but whatever it is, it's perfect for alcohol or weed induced munchies. Cheesy bread. The molten lava cakes with the jizz sauce.
  6. He's not a very fast skater anyway. Hasn't been described as one since he was in high school and that never held up. The criticism from Quinn last season was that he looked nervous. I guess that could also mean slow or tentative.
  7. This dev camp is pretty much a preview for Hartford more than anything. That defensive group is entirely Hartfrod's defense minus Geertsen. Half of the forwards will be in Hartford this season with some likely next season.
  8. Nah. I was one of the few had one and they're not necessary.
  9. Chytil needs to be the player he was to start last season. Assertive. He completely lost that game once he got injured and had Covid. He reverted to his old ways for the latter half of the season. He's shown that he can be a capable player, but I've yet to see anything that makes him a center.
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