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  1. Krav is a victim of circumstance, more than anything else. Sort of caught in the middle of: - Rebuild - Panarin signs - Get lucky 2 years in a row with Ping Pong Balls, selecting 2 wings with those picks - Kreider re-signs - Gorton and JD are fired (don't underestimate this, as this represents a sudden and profound change of direction for the organization) - New GM, New Coach, New mandates from the owner.... So, whatever plans JD and Gorton may have had for this team in March 2021 very likely have significantly changed. Not to mention the different personalities. We've read recently about Krav and Drury butting heads a bit in exit interviews and such. Now throw a new coach into the mix, add a dash of injury in training camp, and on top of it all, look who has options to be sent down and who doesn't. To address the original question...it's a very fair one to ask. However, the problem with questions such as these are we will never know because these moves are cornerstones. Without them, do they sign another big-time free agent instead of Panarin? What do they do with the picks in the years they hit the Ping Pong Ball Jackpot? Do they make another trade instead of the one for Fox? Most likely, the resources used for those players are used another way. Then other moves made might be different due to these different cornerstone moves. So, we'll never know. But, in general, I agree with your point that beyond these 4 cornerstones, the team hasn't been very well managed.
  2. Honestly, upset that the organization as a whole seems to be schizophrenic. On one hand, they go through this rebuild. Actually adding younger talent. Things seem to be falling nicely into place, getting some ping pong ball luck and whatnot. Then, before the rebuild is complete (we can argue all day about where in the rebuild the organization was, but I doubt many thought it was actually complete), the Owner gets impatient and fires the President, GM, and Coach; completely changing the organizational dynamic. So, is now we find ourselves here...with Krav stuck in middle of this philosophical change. Basically, a casualty of this dynamic organizational change. No longer are they prioritizing the rebuild, rather now it's about winning. And if Krav has to become a casualty, well so be it. Because we need to get revenge on Wilson and the Capitals on Wednesday night. It's super frustrating, and Krav and his camp haven't handled this well...at all. But as an organization, the Rangers should have seen this coming, or at least known it was a possibility, and tried to do something before it got to this point. Maybe they did, and they felt this was the best outcome, given the circumstances. We don't know. But as a Fan, it's super frustrating that they couldn't find a way to make this all work out, one way or another. Maybe it still will, but man this smarts, and it reeks of desperation.
  3. I agree. I would not have done it this way. I would have stayed the course with Gorton and JD...although I was not a fan of Quinn, would have been fine with him getting the ax. However, I think the point here is that the Owner got tired of being patient, and he made it clear that the rebuild was over and it was time to....Win Now. Given what we know, that puts an entirely realistic spin on this whole Krav debacle.
  4. Probably a little of both, but honestly, we'll never really know. Put into this light, however, makes a lot more sense out of this Krav debacle. They are putting more value in squeezing every single win out of this season than they are worrying about taking care of a valued top prospect. It's so typical Rangers...schizophrenic at their core.
  5. The edict has come down from the Owner - Win Now. JD and Gorton were fired, in part, because they did not fully agree with this edict. They were more in the camp of let's keep this thing moving along slowly, protect our assets, add pieces as we go....if we win, that's great, but it's not the Top consideration. The message was clear when they were fired. In comes Drury and Gallant, with a clear message. Let's hope our owner is right, we make the playoffs, and make a deep run, challenging for the Cup this year. I honestly truly hope he's right, and this is the best move for the franchise. I hope this debacle involving Krav today is a small asterik on our way to much bigger and better things. Go Rangers.
  6. You know what, this whole mess is actually Dolan's fault. Think about it.... Basically by firing Gorton and JD last year, he laid down the gauntlet of WIN NOW So, how can we blame Drury or Gallant for making decisions based on the WIN NOW edict? Basically the choice was made to put the team on the ice tomorrow night which gives them the best chance to win this game. Above all other considerations. This is the consequence of that way of thinking.
  7. How do you know they didn't? How do you know Drury didn't literally call every other GM in the league, ask for X in a trade for Krav, and they all said No? Maybe that happened. Then, maybe, he had that conversation with Krav and his agent. They didn't believe him. They demanded he be on the top line or top 2 lines, whatever their demand was. Now, if you are Drury and the Rangers, what do you do? Maybe this is their best option at the moment. Again, maybe they have absolutely no intention of trading the kid unless and until they get the value they have place on him. Once Krav and his agent are unable to find a team in the league to trade that value, then what do they do? Rangers hold all the cards here.
  8. Ever consider that the Rangers have absolutely no intention of Trading him? At least not unless they get X? If they get X, they will gladly trade him - Rangers win. Otherwise, Krav and his agent are left in a position where no one else in the league values him as highly as they do...hopefully that leads to an attitude adjustment. If he changes his attitude and accepts what the Rangers are telling him, maybe he still has a chance to be a long-term player on this team. But it's clearly up to him and his attitude. He has to do the heavy lifting here.
  9. Right, which leads me to the conclusion that this MAY be all about the attitude and expectations coming from the Krav side of things. If him, and his agent are being totally unreasonable and are demanding the Rangers put him on their top line or maybe top 2 lines, what would you have the Rangers do? This very well could all be about teaching Krav and his agent a cold harsh lesson and helping them to adjust their attitude moving forward. Or they do find a team willing to give the Rangers a boatload in a trade. Either way, it works out in the long run for the Rangers, right?
  10. The team comes first. Period. End of story. That should be the loud and clear message to EVERYONE in the organization. Those who can't work within that structure, GTFO
  11. Hang on....let's spin this another way, just to play Devil's advocate. What we know: The Rangers have given him permission to seek a trade. All this really means is they have given him and his agent permission to talk with other teams. Maybe the issue is that Krav sees himself as a 1st line forward, maybe even 1st or 2nd line forward. Right now, like on 10/12/2021. So maybe, all these discussions were had with the kid and his agent, they told him what he needs to work on in Hartford, told him this was short-term, etc. And maybe him and the agent still disagree with the Rangers vision for him. They are firmly planted in their position. Drury keeps telling them "Guys, I've checked with every other GM in the league, no one will give up that sort of value for you". They still insist. The Rangers say OK, well fine, go talk with other teams if you don't believe me, find out for yourself what their opinion is of you. If they value you at 1st / 2nd line player value right now, we expect they would trade X for you. I've talked with every other team in the league, no one will give us X. If you don't believe me, please go check for yourselves. So maybe this is more of a reality check type thing for Krav and his agent, and they may just have cold harsh reality smack them in the face. The next time they speak with the Rangers, it may very well be with a much different attitude. Perhaps this is all this is about.
  12. Honestly, don't want people like this as part of our organization. This is a Hockey TEAM. To win, you need people who are self-less. This Me Me Me mentality is not good for the team. Could this have been handled better? Probably. Bottom line, the Rangers control his rights and will ultimately decide what happens to him, and when. The way this cry baby is acting, why would the Rangers do anything but what's in their own best interest at this point? What other options does Krav have? I say, if other teams are low-balling, just sit on his rights. Eventually someone will give us a fair offer for him, and then we'll trade him. Personally, I hope they send him to Siberia. Good riddance.
  13. Bread playing the role of "Where's Waldo" LOL Alternatively, "Don't forget about me guys" *Jumps up*
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