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  1. Coyotes fans, you should thank the high heavens that John Ferguson Jr. is not your GM.
  2. Should be a great game! Watching the MNF broadcast with Peyton and Eli. Eli brings me back to a better time in Giants football, and Peyton can talk intelligently about the QB position.
  3. Stafford needed a change of scenery, because he is a good quarterback. Did you see some of his throws last night? Man looked like a true gunslinger.
  4. Is it me or do I feel like there's more pressure to start the regulars (who have been underperforming this season) instead of the young guys that got you some swagger?
  5. Perfect song for the Yankees season:
  6. Great goalie, he had the misfortune of being on really good Blackhawks teams in the 70s (Hull brothers, Mikita) when the Canadiens were at their peak.
  7. Get ready for a wild ride. Oz! Let's go Yankees!
  8. If it wasn't for Odor doing an ole, Britton would've had an easier 9th Inning. But they won, and tomorrow, "If you build it, they will come."
  9. Tough 8-4 loss, that's what happens when you play deep into the morning and commit 4 errors, leading to a couple of runs.
  10. "He doesn't know whether to cry or wind his watch" was a good one as well.
  11. Looks like Arnold Slick from Turtle Crick has called, and Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley, got him the brandy.
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