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  1. I can't see it either unfortunately. Finally found a house btw. Offer accepted, in the contract phase. Fingers crossed.
  2. Of course every Carabao Cup major game is on ESPN+ except Arsenal v AFC Wimbledon. Bullshit.
  3. Lafreniere-Zibanejad-Kravtsov Panarin-Strome-Kakko Kreider-Chytil-Goodrow Blais-Barron-Reaves Lindgren-Fox Miller-Trouba Nemeth-Tinordi Shesterkin Georgiev Scratched: Rooney, Lundqvist, Hunt Wild Cards: -Predict 1 player's point totals (g, a, pts) from the opening night game (5 pt) - Artemi Panarin - 1g, 2a -Make a wild* prediction, if it comes true by/on opening night (5 pt) - Reaves and Tinordi double-team fight Wilson and send him to the hospital -Predict who will be named captain** (5 pt) Captain: Kreider, Assistants: Trouba, Fox, Zibanejad
  4. It also blows my mind that the people refusing a vaccine are the same ones using ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and other unproven methods to treat it.
  5. Helluva paycheck after one NHL season. Minnesota has been desperate for this kind of talent for ages. He’s exciting every night, and gives folks a reason to watch the Wild. Can’t really complain since he could’ve gotten as much or more in Russia most likely.
  6. I don’t even know what you want anymore. The short of it is the vaccine curbs symptoms. People will not be in hospitals. ICUs will not be overrun. You can go back out to a restaurant, game, or concert without a mask if everyone is vaccinated. As you add unvaccinated people, you give the virus the avenue to survive and thrive, jumping person to person. You’re less likely to catch it, less likely to spread it, and less likely to get sick and die from it if you get a vaccine.
  7. 1. Lundqvist, but Jones rides the bus back and forth from Hartford all year as injuries come up. 2. Kreider-Chytil-Goodrow and Rooney-Barron-Blais, with Reave as necessary. 3. Kreider 4. September 29th at 2:32pm.
  8. So what data and evidence would change your way of thinking?
  9. The idea of the vaccine is to lessen the symptoms to the point where hospitals aren't full, and can treat the rest of the folks that need to be treated. The vaccine will "make it like the flu" instead of a deadlier virus with longer lasting and more deadly effects. If it's manageable like the flu where people stay home and recover, that's essentially neutering the virus so we can get back to some normal semblance of life before 2020.
  10. For fantasy/sci-fi, I've been reading/listening to the following Brandon Sanderson - Stormlight Archive Series Andrej Sapkowski - Witcher series If you're a Star Wars fan, check out Timothy Zahn's post-Episode 6 Thrawn Trilogy If you want to embark on an in-depth, epic series with twisting and winding paths that culminate and a deep universe: Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson. Cannot recommend it enough but it isn't for the faint of heart. Took me the better part of a year to finish the main 10 books. It is a complete series though, so you will get a conclusion unlike Stormlight or Song of Ice and Fire.
  11. Oh yeah, way softer on the eyes. Thank you sir!
  12. One thing I noticed is when I click 'mark all read' on a sub-forum, it turns the entire page red. Not sure if there's a softer color you can choose for that?
  13. I'm not sure if enough has been done in Texas to eliminate a 215k vote deficit, especially with the voting rights restrictions they've put in place to make it more difficult for (primarily POC/minorities) to vote. 62k COVID deaths is a significant number, 2nd highest to California (and probably Florida but they stopped counting), and I'm sure people feel the governor is at least partially if not significantly responsible for it.
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