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  1. And rightfully so. He's definitely earning it the way he plays.
  2. Gauthier keeping it real. One game in, not good enough, back out. Multiple coaches seeing the same frustrating stuff out of him.
  3. Great news. Maybe tonight is the last one he misses then.
  4. I like the fact that Blais can slot up in the lineup but boy, those bottom two lines look rough without him there.
  5. Any trade projection for Kravtsov means very little at the moment. Yeah, he might become a star but there is absolutely no chance that happens here now. So if he becomes a star (which I think skill wise he could but mentally he doesn't have what it takes) so be it.
  6. For sure...but that's a tangible one. I think what the team looked like after his injury is what made them feel the need to sign Tinordi. There was certainly a lack of toughness on the back end.
  7. 4-7 after he went down in the middle of a playoff push. There’s something to it.
  8. I’m hoping for exactly this scenario. He doesn’t want to be here? Fine. Prove your worth so at least we get something valuable back.
  9. I guess the Devils sucked all those years with Brodeur. Sign me up for sucking like that please. I'm all for sucking our way to the Cup.
  10. Is it safe to say that there was poor communication now? He "quit" as a 19 year-old kid in a foreign country that actually had this exact clause in his contract for this exact reason. Drury sounds like he didn't like the fact that he used the clause to opt to play in the KHL. If that's the case, don't include those types of things in contracts. Laying down all the little pieces in this saga, I can't see how no blame falls on the Rangers. You want to say it's mostly Kravtsov's fault; I'm good with that. But the Rangers definitely could have mitigated some of this damage with better communication.
  11. I think you're forgetting how much he meant to the Rangers last year. Once he went down, they had nothing like him to replace him. Some of the criticism of him is earned. Some of it is just unfair. I think if he was making $5-$6 mil a season instead of what he is, there would be less harsh attention.
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