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  1. Someone on twitter noted how every rapper here has had more offensive lyrics than anything said by Gruden in emails Guess that's ok cause maybe they didn't really mean it
  2. 2019-20: 3-7 .428 ( 18th of 19 who have faced at least seven shots) 2018-19: 12-18 .667 (5th of 9 who faced 18 shots) 2017-18: 12-21 .571 (10th of 11 who faced 20 shots) 2016-17: 10-18 .556 (12th of 15 who faced 18 shots) 2015-16: 10-14 .714 (8th of 23 who faced 14 shots) 2014-15: 11-17 .647 ( 24th of 34 who faced 17 shots) 2013-14: 15-23 .652 (19th of 29 who faced 20 shots) 2010-11: 39-46 .848 (1st who faced 20 shots) 2009-10: 15-22 .682 ( 19th of 29 who faced 20 shots) 2008-09: 30-40 .750 (7th of 22 who faced 20 shots https://bluelinestation.com/2019/12/15/new-york-rangers-henrik-lundqvist-getting-worse-shootouts/
  3. he was towards the top for a while, wasn't till last of his years that he started struggling
  4. Is ESPN+ available as on app on ps4 or fire tv?
  5. I mean do we really want Kakko fighting?he'd get destroyed Being in some scrums wouldn't hurt,some face washes but nothing more
  6. Officially eliminated what a disgraceful season
  7. Got around to watching dynamite That Omega-Danielson match was freaking great Omega is a stud too
  8. Laf-Mika(A)-kakko Panarin-Strome-Kravtsov Kreider(A)-Chytil-Goodrow Blais-Barron-Reaves Extra-Rooney,Hunt Lindgren-Fox Miller-Trouba(C) Lundkvist-Nemeth Extra-Robertson Igor Georgie Kravy 1g 1A in opener
  9. this red brand looked like a generic jersey I can build in a generator and just swap the logo with another team and its the same the Kachina Is unique jersey and logo imo
  10. Apparently traded Mitchell cause he didn't want him running with Gooden and Straw,yet Mitchell by teammates account was nowhere near a bad influence. Such a shame he got moved.
  11. Was just insane when Gooden said he asked for the 'Len bias shit". Amazing he never OD'd.
  12. Anyone watch the 30 for 30 show on ESPN about the 86 Mets, was really good. Wish we had a team that played like fire and emotion like they did.
  13. That would be huge Rumors I read were Wyatt wasn't happy with ideas they had with his character and I guess Vince thought he was being to protective of his character . Vince continues to be clueless.
  14. I'll switch almost permanently if they bring in Wyatt WWE is a mess and letting so much talent go cause they have no idea how to utilize it.
  15. Yea I despise going to the theaters nowadays, people are so damn annoying. Peacock is freaking trash though.
  16. he's 100 percent correct
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