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  1. There is a fine line between "boomer takes" and the younger bent in the direction of all analytics. There has to be a happy medium between Carp telling my Trouba is actually great, and the Dom Luszczyszyn/Shayna Goldman telling Me Goodrow is the worst because his turds average 2.435 inches in length. Give me analysis with some solid contacts and relationships.
  2. not gonna lie.. I thought the thread said "Gifs".. I was expecting much different content.. Admittedly sad this was meaningful content.
  3. Tinordi is fucking amazing.. Lets all go back in a time machine to last January... can you imagine the phrase "Man, we are sure as hell going to miss Jack Johnson" crossing anyones mind? Thanks Jarred
  4. In my defense I didn’t see any way Tinordi would be playing over him..
  5. Worst part is I have Nils in the 1st goal rep bet, and still feel good about the choice.
  6. What a fucking joke. I was clearly more excited about tonight than the team was.
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