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  1. There is a fine line between "boomer takes" and the younger bent in the direction of all analytics. There has to be a happy medium between Carp telling my Trouba is actually great, and the Dom Luszczyszyn/Shayna Goldman telling Me Goodrow is the worst because his turds average 2.435 inches in length. Give me analysis with some solid contacts and relationships.
  2. not gonna lie.. I thought the thread said "Gifs".. I was expecting much different content.. Admittedly sad this was meaningful content.
  3. Tinordi is fucking amazing.. Lets all go back in a time machine to last January... can you imagine the phrase "Man, we are sure as hell going to miss Jack Johnson" crossing anyones mind? Thanks Jarred
  4. In my defense I didn’t see any way Tinordi would be playing over him..
  5. Worst part is I have Nils in the 1st goal rep bet, and still feel good about the choice.
  6. What a fucking joke. I was clearly more excited about tonight than the team was.
  7. I'm not sure he deserved anything.. He has no NHL resume to speak of, and his camp was both abbreviated and inconsistent. Not the best way to remove any doubt.
  8. This thread gave me a brain tumor. Thanks guys.
  9. It’s going to be Mika, right? The delay in announcing makes sense now.
  10. What a great way to wrap up training camp. consider me part of “Team Strome” as the next deal…. Unless that next deal is a slightly below market 8 year extension for Fox
  11. This is all bullshit IMO.. We aren't getting Eichel before we finally land Sundin and Stamkos.
  12. What ends 1st... COVID, or Eichel to the Rangers Rumors?
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