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  1. I think you can just replace the faucet. Who cares about the vanity, they're all throw away garbage, anyways. Anyways, I got both my new garage door up, and entrance door. We have a custom bungalow, kind of modern with the big sloping roof over garage, with a loft on it. It's all red brick, we put fancy modern doors in, all black with the horizontal glass inserts. Looks amazing, and cost was about 15k for both. My wife drove through the garage door last week. lol.
  2. We have to show our handy vaccination passport, as well as photo ID, and then sign two seperate registers. One for Municipality, one for OMHA. We've only had minor incidents, but down the road in Ripley, they called the cops on a mother and arrested her on the spot. lol. Fortunately, the UN has assured us we're all very happy people and enjoy many freedoms, so we're good, now.
  3. You guys back to normal? We have to have security at every ice time. The unvaccinated aren't welcome. I'm tying a lot of skates lol. I have two kids in, now, and I'm helping with goalies on a travel team, as well as running player development for our Org. I can't wait till April, already.
  4. This new format makes it much easier for me to ignore Pete
  5. It's easy to say "had Kravtsov just.." and it's certainly true, but alternatively, Ranger FO should have read the room in regards to their fledgling player. Now, it's they who have been caught with their pants down in order to protect a #8, marginal legacy prospect Dman. Getting ahead of these situations and extracting value at the right moment, would have been nice. This will mark the second valuable piece they've turned worthless in less than a year. Pretty frustrating.
  6. I have a different issue. I can't bring myself to give a shit. I don't like half the team. I've come around to your POV on the coach, I talked to some people who know. Gallant may have an IQ of 80. Nice guy, though. Hopefully it's just because it's October, but I think I may be entering my curling years. Also, LOL @ The Padres.
  7. Pretty disappointing behavior from Kravtsov, to be sure, but on tbe other hand, it's pretty clear that the Ranger FO was sending mixed messages in multiple respects. Between Lias, Tony, Lemieux, and now Kravtsov, all in short order, there's been plenty of egg on people's faces. Jettisoning (for nothing) very useful pieces and replacing them with utter garbage like Tinordi and Reaves doesn't leave a great taste in my mouth, and is ultimately self defeating.
  8. I dunno about you guys, but I'm sure glad they kept control of Libor Hajek when I look at this sparkling forward depth. Game three and already two, obvious, non NHL players in the group. Just a great job by the FO.
  9. I dunno what you guys are watching, but everything seems to be going perfectly.
  10. I sometimes do, but not when they're over there. Or Italy. It's just be better to do it in their own terms. In North America.
  11. Gonna be sweet when Canada boycotts, if we vote out Trudeau in a couple weeks.
  12. I think he means "smell" In that case, I definitely don't suggest the 12 years of recurring shitty diapers, spoiled milk, and dirty sock strategy we've been on for the past 12 years.
  13. SUVs have moved closer to vans, and vans are being phases out, or at least pushed to the back. That's why you can't get a Caravan with AWD. They want you to buy the Durango. Get in an Armada, Tahoe, Sequoia, whatever, and then get in a Traverse or Explorer, etc. Body-on-Frame vs. Unibody is a night and day difference.
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