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  1. Yeah I can’t agree that this is smart money if Minnesota is trying to win, but honestly it’s a different market. These guys need a player who is going to get fans excited about the team again, and Kirill is very clearly that type of guy. I would pay this every time for that reason, but not here.
  2. any chance you get to listen to 99 talk hockey is one you have to take. There's just nobody like him perhaps in all of sports, although Ronaldo/Messi will likely be in that area once they retire. TBrady too. Excited to see it!
  3. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/32127839/kyle-palmieri-signs-four-year-20-million-deal-stay-new-york-islanders-place-wanted-be Palmieri - $5x4y Sorokin - $4x3y Beauvillier - $4.15x3y Cizikas - $2.5x6y
  4. i think this is the definition of a fair contract - you are slightly overpaying now for a guy who has shown good upside potential and could easily eclipse that number in terms of value if he continues his play.
  5. well at this point the cost of acquisition is so low that if we get him before he returns to health we'll only be parting with two happy meals and a mcdonalds monopoly coupon
  6. not that anyone could have predicted the future, but its a goddamn travesty that this man signed a contract with another team
  7. absolutely - do not make the mistake of retiring this number in front of nobody. man deserves far better than that
  8. if georgie goes this man better be signed or im never watching another game ever again. I don't care how much he has left - a veteran backup for shesty is exactly what is needed and there is no one better, maybe ever, than this guy for the job
  9. A looks better, because even if we're only talking 47 -> 65, it's 38% more signal on top of the 47 games we have currently which is significant when it comes to determining this stuff. I don't think it's a huge amount better but I do think it's better enough that I would have done that. Both of those options are way better than option B though, so if we're landing on one of those three where we're at is not the worst
  10. I'm just saying that we haven't even seen Shesterkin play enough to know if he's actually that much better. Use a different example then - Jordan Binnington won a stanley cup in his rookie season and makes 6M. We're paying this guy almost the same who has barely won 25 games in the nhl. Anyway doesn't matter bc like we all agree this is not going to kill anyone if it goes bad.
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