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  1. Nuremberg would be correct. Like I said, it was 10 years ago lol. I'm just going to go shut the fuck up now.
  2. Hey man my shit was aimed at Pete quoting me. I am not getting in middle of you two lol
  3. Nice, it is beautiful there. I was there 10 years ago. Exactly. September into October of 2011. I spent a little over a month stationed at, lets see if I can remember the spelling, Graffenwor? Ah, Grafenwöhr, close! Went to Hamburg for Octoberfest and took a trip to Prague too. It was actually the year the Rangers played in Prague. I remember seeing banners throughout the city advertising the NHL games.
  4. I was agreeing with your post. I guess I should have put in a smiley or a gif so it was more obvious that I was being facetious.
  5. Jesus Sammy don't put your head down like that. Hunt looked pathetic right there.
  6. Its as if the whole mantra of this past off season wasn't to get tougher and to get harder to play against
  7. Great now when everyone else sees my comment they'll see Tony Soprano and be like "wtf is this guy talking about?" lol
  8. Way more important question than Krav being a pussy or Drury being a bully...why does @Tonybologna have a picture of @phillybas his avatar??
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