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  1. How does player of the game here not go to Ozzy, Keirik, and RJ for apparently getting shitwrecked and going to a sketchy ass titty bar?
  2. So...I do think Trouba would waive if you could trade him to wherever his wife gets placed/gets work. That's a year or two off. Kreider...no idea. Thing is that the guys you bridge aren't the Foxes of the world. He's a Norris winning defender at age 22 - you go long and big there because you want the prime of the prime. Laf and Kakko should get those Mackinnon bridges.
  3. I don't think the, what...1.5 million you save on the bridge deal - helps you in any meaningful way here. Certainly not when you can look at this window as the Zib-Panarin-Fox-Shesterkin window and the next as the Kakko-Laf-Fox-Shesterkin window.
  4. I think the problem with bridging Fox is that if you guess wrong and the contract expires in the year the cap goes up a shit-ton because the escrow is paid off, you're paying him 13+ until he's 34. Having him locked up until 2030 is already possible. Just do that.
  5. Unless Fox is being coy here and the "starts with a 9" means he wants exactly 9,999,999 per year, let's be honest with ourselves - for a defender of Fox's caliber, that's already a discount. He could easily look at the list of contracts above and ask for 11 within reason, let alone 10. There's a certain range where it becomes impossible for the guy to be paid what he's worth because of the cap. Fox is in that range. If he doesn't want 8 figures a year, awesome, that's a deal.
  6. Devil's advocate moment - why do the Blues trade Tarasenko on a discount right this moment? They look really good so far.
  7. We've actually obtained exclusive footage of Chris Drury and Vitali Kravtsov's final meeting.
  8. I'm sure of it, but the talent is undeniable. He's a goddamn modern-day Renaissance man. I'd love to see him on TNT if only to have Biz endlessly mancrushing on him.
  9. We could just apply Occam's Razor and take a swing at it - the Rangers have probably done a very poor job screening for character and leadership at all levels since 2015 or so and overcorrected with the Drury hire.
  10. I actually went to go look for this and it's really hard to tell because there are truly not many beat reporter jobs out there. Glassdoor suggests an average salary of 55k, but there's not enough there to really call for it. What we do know is that part of the Athletic's business model involved poaching top tier beat reporters for anywhere between 15-35% over their current annual salary and I assume still does.
  11. Welcome to the digital age, where sitting on the toilet taking a shit with your phone in hand makes you a doctor of your subject of choice, because internet sleuths. Most of the things being discussed here (aside from this Olbermann conspiracy insanity) can be true. Kravtsov is an immature prick. Drury is very much still learning the line to walk between being a manager and a captain/coach (and if he wants to go coach, great). We've had an oddly difficult go of things with top picks in recent years. All probably mostly accurate statements.
  12. The national blackouts suck. I get simulcasting national games, but the blackouts....fuck em. Getting stuck with the Sportsnet crew for last night's game was the worst.
  13. Kravtsov dug this hole himself - regardless of Drury - though Drury comes off like an inept douche here. Which, of course, is the more worrisome thing seeing as he's now in charge.
  14. Never again should we play 5v5. That was ELECTRIC. Panarin woke up. Gluten Tag, baby. Kakko in hiding.
  15. Sportsnet broadcast is INSUFFERABLE. It's like listening to two Pierres
  16. We own his NHL rights until 2025. That's a fuckton of lost earning potential. I'm trying to work out the sort of deal that makes sense for us and for another team at this point. This is a silly thing for a prospect to do, so let's just move on from him. Some names that may make some sense with Kravtsov as a centerpiece: Timo Meier Anthony Cirelli Vlad Tarasenko As a one-for-one thing Robert Thomas Any of the Kings' non-Byfield centers Alex Newhook?
  17. Those are perfectly fair gripes, but also temporary gripes. This is no reason to request a trade, Ansel Elgort.
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