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  1. Seems about right. Zib alone must have had like 3 last night
  2. Yea I struggle to say if he had a good or bad game as he seemed to have both good and bad shifts. Definitely his most noticeable game.
  3. I dunno what play Shane Falco was referring to specifically but he got an empty netter with like 3 seconds left on a play basically entirely on his own. Also had some rough play throughout the game. Was definitely his best game as a Rangers so far if you can forgive two stupid passes he made earlier in the game and a fucked up 2 on 1.
  4. Okay fellas- My apologies for the delay. Life has been hectic lately and I haven't had a chance to tally up the points here. Without further ado allow me to introduce the winner @Keirik Atta boy Keith! Point totals at the end of the day; Lets all rep Keirik!
  5. He’s been lights out and judging by gallants comments about riding the hot goalie I would expect him to play
  6. I’m gonna say something I’ve never said before… good game by Trouba
  7. Rangers offense has been inept at best all season long. This team really goes with Panarin and Zib and both are struggling right now.
  8. Hate to see it happen to anyone. He was looking good to start the year too.
  9. As long as they put more goals in the net than the other team they SHOULD be fine
  10. Yea thats entirely too high for the rangers
  11. I would kill to have another hockey game beside chel
  12. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  13. His Twitter has to be one of the more bizarre things I’ve seen online. So random.
  14. What in the fuck.. why is Keith olberman tweeting about the ranger?!
  15. When he does it at the right time. I will admit he has been decent about it so far this season but last season I kept noticing he would take himself out of the play a lot. Still hope he proves me wrong.
  16. Let's agree to disagree. I don't even really care about the contract which is more a gripe about the front office than Trouba for me. The guy just doesn't play defense well and hes certainly not good enough offensively to forgive that. Okay so he made a good play on D to save the game (isnt he supposed to?)... what about all the stupid plays he makes game in, game out? I keep hoping he grows on me but I keep disliking him game after game.
  17. Personally, its just nice to see Igor come in and play this well. He was highly touted but I dont think most of us saw him dominate like that until just now. I feel a lot more comfortable about the goaltending here after these last few games. Now if he can only stay healthy.
  18. "new york hockey columnist"... i assume hes going to do the isles too? Edit: My bad didnt realize there was a whole article thought it was a twitter announcement
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