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  1. Now how are we supposed to trade for Tarasenko?
  2. Did. NOt look too good on offense but bears win
  3. I'd assume so because my wife and I both watch ESPN+ content at the same time from different devices. Within the same household though so I'm not sure how it works outside of that
  4. It's value to me only be cause it's low risk adding to their biggest strength already. I really don't see where he helps the team get over any hump but they aren't paying him anything so there is that. They don't really need leadership, they dont need to learn how to hold opposition to minimal chances, and he's too old to really add anything tangible. I honestly think it would have been more in their interest to offer ptos to a few guys like the Neals of the world than this.
  5. Normally I would agree if they didn’t already have fantastic coaching and system that minimizes chances against. I just don’t think a guy like Chara changes how their offense dies in the biggest games. I’m more worried about them getting a Tarasenko or even another grizzled veteran on the offensive side of the game. A defensive pylon doesn’t worry me as much.
  6. Lol the chat is hilarious. One Islander fan watching. Lol
  7. Really was a shame Cashen dismantled that team and was so out of touch with who were the problems in the first place. Trading Mitchell and not bringing back Knight we’re huge mistakes.
  8. I watched it. It was good. My highlights were when they mentioned Golden and Strawberry getting to the Yankees. Lol. Wery well done ,albeit a bit stretched out.
  9. My Android is about 2 years old. I usually keep a phone for 2-4 years depending on my mood. I am sort of thinking to maybe get another one but who knows. What are the latest and greatest phones out there? I’m on an LG. Almost went one plus last go around.
  10. Good. I was worried the Islanders would use every bit of cap space wisely. This was a mistake.
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