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  1. Grille in the ville or something like that. Sketchy area lol
  2. So I met up with @Ozzy and @RJWantsTheCup. Fun time. Beers were flowing. They took me to a rather “questionable “. Pub but it’s all good. We had fun. Some women had all their teeth so that’s a plus. Get home and climb into bed and the better half rolls over to say “hey you survived” Now I want wait for the morning to meet my contractor and pretend I’m sober lol big rangers win!
  3. Fair enough, but that would need to be kind of worked out before hand or at least given a gauge of interest before hand. If not we are looking at cap crunch and losing a bigger future piece.
  4. So in all seriousness. Do you think either Kreider or Trouba wound agree to go anywhere in the next 3 years?
  5. Always a possibility but it's a problem im willing to chance if it means we get one more piece now and keep this version of the window open
  6. That's impossible until 2024 which is exactly when it's the right time to offer Fox the mother load.
  7. I’m going to meet up with Ozzy so if you never hear from me again, he did it. Lol dont kiss me too much in the gdt. For trivia I’m going to guess the answer is Leetch. Probably him anyway.
  8. Different strokes for different folks . I can also google how overpaid Subban is too we still are ignoring how we are putting a squad on the ice with 50m tied up in 6 players. I think we have 19m on cap space next offseason. Tie up 10 for Fox and you’re left with 9m for a backup goalie, a 3c assuming Chytil is your new 2c since you can’t afford to keep Strome, assume you want to keep Blais otherwise the Buch trade is even worse, replace Rooney (with Barron I assume who has some performance bonuses you have to hope he doesn’t reach) , say goodbye to Gauthier which is fine but then you still need a body to replace him with, and a backup goalie assuming you trade Georgie’s rights since he has arb and thry couldn’t afford a raise…. it’s definitely doable. However, does that make us better next year? If you can get Fox at around 7 even if it’s for 3 years, that extra few million might be the difference in keeping someone like a Strome (wishful thinking but still) and help unlock our window since I imagine the goal this year 100% is playoffs and gain experience to allow us to elongate a window rather than remain lateral or take a step back .
  9. Well the point is things change. They also shipped him out so yeah. The earlier we sign Fox to his max deal the sooner we limit even short term spending or rounding out our roster. 50m committed to 6 players until 2024 is rough for the rest of the team. Signing him for more than you just reupped ziby also seems a bit strange in my eyes but that’s neither here nor there. Other teams have spent which is very true but there also are other teams with track records of having some pretty good bargain bridge deals. In no way am I saying to insult the guy. I’m just saying there are cap rules in place for a reason. So what if other teams take big risks with the idea that it’ll save em 2 million later when there are plenty of examples where it ended up being an overpayment by year 4 of 8. I’m willing to risk what will happen in 4 years because 4 years later, we have a much clearer picture of the cap, our other “can’t misses” in Kakko and Fox, and how close we’ve come to winning a cup.
  10. I’m not even remotely suggesting you tell Fox “okay, here’s 4.5m…..” because that’s idiotic. I use examples of other teams that have guys in different stages of careers that bridge here and there to keep a team together. I try to see if I can get 3-4 years or so at 7m which takes him to 26-27 and either puts him right at last rfa or first year of ufa at 27. Buys us time to see how others unfold. We also really are banking someone is taking Kreider or Trouba or both with no retention. That’s possible but not probable unless we sweeten it.
  11. Offering someone a bridge deal of 7m is far from a low ball or nickel and dime offer. so who are you dumping then? Kakko or Alf? PayFox 10m now and have the following guaranteed money on the books u til 24/25 10m fox 11.6 bread 6.5 kreider 8.5 ziby 8m trouba 5.6 shesty 50 m for 6 players and realistically there would be 30-40m cap space if the cap rises 10m over 3 years and that’s not including Kakko who will have already re-upped. If he happens to have a lights out year this year then what do you do with him? Is he okay to bridge? What is ALF starts realizing his potential? Is he okay to bridge? you can cherry pick any superstar you want but winning teams usually have a culture. Ziby just took a hometown discount. Bridging Fox handsomely isn’t an insult. Teams do it. Pasta was bridged. He’s still making Dunkin’ commercials. Geuntzel was bridged. Pointe was bridged. I love Fox. We all do. That doesn’t mean we should forget there is a salary cap.
  12. I’m not sure how and where you are getting any connection to Kravtsov and Fox. Huge reach lol. I’m also not following a connection to playoff wins between anyone and Fox? I literally said handsomely bridge him. Not low ball or offer anything of that sort. your post makes no sense and seems to only serve to be argumentative for the sake of being argumentative. Cool, you think they should pay him market with the idea that market now might be lower than market later . That’s one strategy. I’m just in the boat that handing out 8 year deals to max money with the idea that it might save 1-2 million 4 years from now is a gamble on a team that has two other very high ceiling players on it in Kakko and Alf, 11.6 m until 2026 in Panarin, 8.5m until 2030 , Trouba (who by the way signed a market value 8m contract that we can’t wait to get rid of), and Kreider. Id rather see if the possibility of handsomely bridging to try and set it up to when Krieder and Trouba will be gone so we can see by that point exactly where we are in terms of Kakko, Alf, Fox, Shesterkin, etc.
  13. I still don’t see why we need to bend over backwards again for a player that wanted to be here in the first place just because he’s extremely good. So what? Bridge him until the cap rises and it’s necessary. I don’t care what idiotic gm gave out dumb contracts previously. D is important. However, and big however. Winning teams in todays nhl aren’t around a D player being your best player. He cannot contractually surpass our best offensive players. It just rarely works that way. I don’t want to lose a Kakko or an Alf because we had to rush and pay Fox who is a pass first guy the tippy top salary to save 1 or 2 million when the cap rises. Be a smart gm here. How many cups does Crosby have? D wasn’t why he had 3 to be honest. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves es here boys.
  14. It is wild to think our top 10 pick actually goes down in the depth chart after trading Buchnevich lol
  15. This is only happening because FIFA is asking for a billion dollars for naming rights.
  16. I’m not sure that really matter. I’m not suggesting to lose him. I’m suggesting to bridge him handsomely because there are a good amount of guys on our roster that also are going to need bridge deals. If this means 4 years from now we have to pay a bit more then so be it. But if you pay him market price next year while when we actually have leverage we then only have around 9m in cap space for Kakko/Strome/Blais/backup goalie and Alf/Chytil the following year after. Almost have to pray that neither Kakko nor Alf blossom fully or else we are in the same boat with another gigantic contract on their hand. If you bridge him until 24/25 you are paying him a bit more but the hope is cap significantly higher, Trouba’s nmc is unlocked to allow him to be traded and you are one year off from the same with kreider. Much more manageable scenario especially since we will 100% know by then exactly who Kakko and Alf have turned into being as well.
  17. Henrik is a natural but I hope he doesn’t blow it and stick there. He’s a natural to go further and further if he wants
  18. Why do it so quick? We have control. He wants to be here. Only here. I’m not in the camp of paying guys with 3-4 years nhl experience a boat load of money because it might have us 2m 4 years down the road. Cap is flat right now and we have some serious contracts under our belt for a good chunk of future. Good teams sign for market in a panic. Great teams establish a culture and go from there. Offer 7 x 4 years with the idea that he can be part of something bigger than just a salary. Isles and Bruins are establishing that. Work on their model, not on anyone else’s.
  19. And I can't say the exact same thing the other way? Hell we can always interchange that exact thought. And you can say he quit Twice and guys like me can say how does this happen twice to two different prospects in such a short time frame? It's all in good discussion. I've repeatedly said I think there is blame all around for this one, but in the end when I see this happen multiple times i see it as a bigger problem rather than just pointing fingers at teenagers and young adults. I get it. It's not a popular opinion and I get how these kids ultimately are babies but I expect more out of our organization in handling these situations. We have a coach saying two different things. We have an organization leaking info. We have zero quotes from Kravtsov himself as far as I know. We have a former prospect saying he was bullied too. Something is very amiss to me.
  20. It’s funny because we all are arguing with each other when it seems that if you connect all the dots on every side, we all probably are partly right in some way. In the end I’m just more worried how this is now a second top pick wasted, a shithead of a person offered a contract and cut weeks into the season thinking that just putting on a sweater was magically going to make him a good person, a beloved figure in JD being shown the door in the way he did, and a current coach that one day says basically “ not my call” about Kravtsov and the next day changing his story. something seems a miss here.
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