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  1. Or. Change one of their roles. Or GIVE THEM rolls. The same bullshit cross ice feed for the off wing one timer has been their go to play for 2 years. Especially to the left side. Time for a new plan.
  2. (Checks notes).. ah yes. I see here. He DID sign the teams 1st line center. Probably a good fuckin idea there huh? (Looks at notes again) ok, ok . Yeaaah. Yeah, see.. This right here.....This Chytil guy. I see where you'd get confused and question the thought of signing the teams only top line center "prospect" and act like it was a rough decision, what with allllllllllll the center depth they have. THEY HAVE MCKEGG! And umm this Shestyorkin guy. I don't know how to explain to you, that. . Well...... He's the teams fucking GOALIE. Might want to sign him.. Hajek certainly was a huge signing. So huge he's taking a roster spot from some other kid who went to Russia. I see here this Nemeth guy. I'll let you know about him when he plays a game this season... Oh... wait. Yeah. Umm, wellll, people who lauded this signing claimed he was a big gritty guy.. Is that not true? I've yet to see him play. Wait. Really? My notes say he's played.. 1,2,3,4... Every game? ALL OF EM? Hmmm strange. This last thing. This Lundkvist kid. Hmmmm. Got it.. Yeah..This top prospect whom supposedly "earned" his spot.. Yup, yup. THIS top prospect probably would have gotten very upset had he NOT made the roster. WE CANT HAVE THAT. Who cares if he looked weak in preseason and still does? You can't send top prospects to Hartford. What's he going learn there? It's better that he stay with the big club and learn fr..... well, you know the typical thing said here. Just apply it at random. Can't have consistency with that talk.
  3. But.... They're still staying the course... Just... with one less top prospect and no vet to take a top 6/9 wing spot... One would think, they're going in reverse.
  4. Yeah, but.. you are putting the nationalities in there. NOT me. If I meant all Euros, I'd say all Euros. The fact that he (Drury) had some success with multiple styles of Euro players is an obvious, as already pointed out. YOU GUYS implied I meant only Euros. I replied that that isn't what I meant and here you guys fucking are. Saying IT IS what I said or meant. I cleared that up. So can you guys drop this bullshit, as if I had some hidden agenda? Drury has a hard on for gritty players. He has only brought in gritty free agents and he has only traded or ostracized skill players. Nationality is NOT what I'm talking about. Can we move on with THAT point please?
  5. The thing is. He HAS changed his game. In his last game he was a net front presence. I really don't get why Hunt plays over him. THAT guy brings nothing. Atleast with Gauthier, you get a guy who can do a few things (take puck to net, cycle the puck, work the boards and be a large body in front of the goalie. He must just be an asshole or dogs it in practice. I have seen more out of him than 1/2 the roster. Gotta move Goodrow to 3rd line center and push Gauthier back into a top 9 role, while they have the opportunity to use him and gauge him. Figure him the fuck out NOW or just dump him. If they view him as an asset that other teams would scoop up from waivers, then FUCKING PLAY HIM. Make up your mind. Shit or get off the pot with this guy. NOW is your opportunity to do so.
  6. I don't recall saying he had a problem with Euro players. Just preferred grit over skill. Jesus. Do I really have to unblock Pete and engage in this? .. I named a bunch of players and said "and other garbage ". No where did I fucking say any chronological order of the piles of dog shit that were brought in. Please show me where I said anything about Euros? ,"Show me receipts"
  7. I don't think he would actually be behind Gauthier on the depth chart. That "those guys earned their spot on the team", came less than 24 hours after "wasn't my decision "... I honestly believe that had Kravstov been kept on the roster, he plays game 2 after they loaded the roster for pussyfest 2021, aka the day Tom Wilson didn't get his ass beat by any Rangers... To think they put this roster together to do just that and they didn't even look in his general direction.. And in doing so, they pissed of a top prospect. We got NOTHING out of what was supposed to be vengeance.
  8. We were told this, that and the other thing by our trusty source, but we don't know when Gallant no doubt reached out to the player. Not buying it Larry. 4 teams are interested.. but not really... Fuck outta here.
  9. The scary part is, he's brought in NOTHING BUT grit, bottom line players and D men, while dumping 2 top line skill guys. Drafted that way too. Seemed to attract these types of players in his years as Rangers Captain. We saw the team switch from pure skill with Jagr and the boys, to complete dogshit with Gomez, Drury Brashear, Hollweg, Rissmiller and tons of other garbage. Eventually landing Gaborik and building a hockey team as he was pushed out the door by Torts and injuries.
  10. That third line. . I guess the plan is to get the LEAST amount of shots on goal. Hunt-den Howd-unt Hunt-zky Hunt-ier Bur-unt Hun-gr
  11. Wasn't Rykov a guy that also wanted nothing to do Hartford and the Rangers? Not like he's in the league, with another team, but he was highly regarded for 5 minutes until he left.
  12. THE Keith Olbermann? Yuck. Fuck him. This absolved Drury of anything. If this kook is saying this happened. It most likely didn't. Olbermann makes me absolutely sick.
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