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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/30/health/covid-ivermectin-prescriptions.html
  2. I don't really believe that. It's an easy message to a fan base that just saw 2 guys who weren't worth their paycheck being bought out at the same time..."We don't feel we have enough data that we should pay him $9M a year based on his 55 game stint, and we're not locking ourselves into another bad deal that we have to buy ourselves out of down the road."
  3. That CDC link doesn't even say that the vaccinated are passing it to other vaccinated. It just says the vaccinated can transmit...You know to who? The unvaccinated. The short story from the CDC is clear. In every facet of COVID, the most at-risk group are the unvaccinated...Highest risk of hospitalization, transmission, death, etc. Unless your doctor has given you a medical reason personal to YOU (not some quack theory that the vaccine has roach fetuses installed in it), you should get vaccinated. It's really common sense at this point, and the unvaccinated are the ones passing it around, overloading hospitals, and dying from it. But glad you have your freedom, sure.
  4. They can't physically stop him from going to get the surgery. What would they do if he got it?
  5. These are hypothesis based on 55 games played against 1/4 of the league. That's not even a small sample size, it's barely a sample at all...And he's getting $500k less per year than Kucherov. I mean...think about that.
  6. Right, this is also the reason people refuse to understand that the idea to start burning cold during the industrial revolution might need to be revisited in 2020.
  7. If we're using a Twitter emoji set, and Twitter is blocked at your job...seems like that's related. Do the Emojis work on your phone?
  8. This isn't hard to understand folks. Right after vaccination your immunity is at its highest. As time goes on, you may contract COVID but the vaccine does enough to ensure that we won't have to shut down the world again. The transmission rate of vaccinated to vaccinated is nil. If you're vaccinated and got COVID, you most likely got it from unvaccinated people. If everyone was vaccinated, we could slowly ease masks and see what happens. This entire pandemic has been "learn as we go". Why people point to old science and say "But they said this 6 months ago..." Is pointless. We know more now than we did 6, 12, 18 months ago. If you're not getting vaccinated just because "the government can't tell me what to do", well...there's a lot I can say that I'm not gonna say. These same people are buying invermectin and drinking betadyne.
  9. The Sabres should be unhappy because they're completely incompetent and do everything in their power to consistently make the wrong decisions in the front office and on the ice. They're the worst run sports franchise of this era (now that the Wilpons are out) and I can't believe the NHL hasn't stepped in already. They should let Eichel get the surgery because reality is he's already lost to them. If his career ends, what's the difference to them? They've already pushed his trade value through the floor so it's not like they're getting a huge return. They have an uncanny ability to constantly make poor decisions and then continue to employ the people making the poor decisions.
  10. Oh right, yea that makes no sense. Yotes have to go. Didn't understand the comment about the distance from Raleigh to Charlotte.
  11. Sorry, I'm losing track here...Are you saying NC can support 2 teams?
  12. This kid is just fucked. If he was so confident in his choice on procedure, he'd voluntarily void his contract. How long until Sabres tax him for refusing to report?
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