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  1. Chytil 5 NHL SEASONS... 72 pts. He may hit 100 before he retires
  2. While you're moving the goalposts at least quote the right person. Takes be en Fuego.
  3. Four games in, three games where a rookie scored their first goal... A very Ranger stat
  4. I mean I'm down cuz hockey is for everyone but we both got kids so just give it a good think before we handle that business.
  5. Not at all, but the joke's not as good if I acknowledge that
  6. That's what happens when you turn the game on at 9:39 p.m.
  7. I usually aim for four post per game, otherwise the gdt is just too messy for me
  8. Tonight? I think the answer you're looking for is winning them? He's at 53%... http://www.nhl.com/scores/htmlreports/20212022/FC020059.HTM
  9. Yea man I was just agreeing with you and piling on...
  10. Yes, all Drury wants is grit so he signed :checks notes: oft injured Chytil and Shesty, oft pushed around Chytil and Zibenejad. And fuckin Hajek...and Nemeth. And Lundkvist earned a spot. And fuckin Chytil...
  11. Pretty sure you don't screw nails.
  12. You don't consider the origin of the whole narrative to be hyperbolic? We have one guy in here who's trying to paint Drury in a certain light...
  13. Not really, I hired a questionable contractor who spilled paint all over my flagstone walkway and I wound up just getting a whole new patio.
  14. He's playing with Laf and Blais...basically 4th liners but 3rd liners for us...
  15. So pretty much 3 management teams (GM+Coach) aren't seeing much from Gauthier. I would tend to agree with them and not folks on the internet.
  16. Yea I don't get how Subban being overpaid today has anything to do with how he got to his contract. The fact of the matter is when you bridge a star you almost always wind up paying for it later. I know how much is tied up in how many players, all that means is that you try to get out of paying CK and Trouba, not Fox.
  17. Yea I mean trading him because he was too colorful really doesn't mean anything to this convo. If you Google "PK Subban bridge deal" there's literally a litany of articles saying that when it comes to stars, bridge deals are to be avoided. Like you bridge Laf and Kakko hoping you get MacKinnon. But Fox already doin it.
  18. IIRC, they could have had him for $7M but they bridged him, and he won the Norris, so they paid him $9M/AAV.
  19. And this is the point I was getting at about why Kravtsov's fate is sealed. Would you want to play on a "team" with him?
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