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  1. Well, I can't see the actual tweet, but I can just see the raw text of it so I can at least read them. With the old format, I couldn't see anything at all. @PeteYeah, they display just fine on my phone, so that makes sense there are some issues on my work PC because they are Twitter affiliated.
  2. I'm going to chalk up the emoji issue to internet settings at work or something because it's fine when I browse the site on my phone, tablet and home computer.
  3. Damn. That sounds like it really hurtls.
  4. It is kind of crazy how quickly it's gone. I was just thinking the other day how so many people still really haven't processed everything that happened in 2020, and here we are just a few months away from 2022.
  5. I wonder if they'd ever completely cut off unemployment benefits to those who quit their jobs for not getting the shot. Whatever the case may be, this whole thing is a mess.
  6. Yeah, I think that was from even a few years ago, and it still hasn't happened and it won't. Even though I'd like at least another team in Canada. Houston, and Texas in general is really growing so now it makes more sense than ever.
  7. I thought the Coyotes may get moved to Quebec City, but I think that ship has sailed for a team there. So, yeah, Houston is the safe bet now.
  8. The Home Blue theme does look really good, and better than Dark Mode. Even the regular white looks good with this new format. It's just a really clean look either way.
  9. Yeah, they really should be in Phoenix, if anything because I hate how 'Arizona Coyotes' sounds.
  10. Living upstate, I always got stuck with the Sabres feed when they were playing the Rangers. I hated it. But, over the last couple of years something must have changed because I can finally watch the Rangers' feed for those games.
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