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  1. #SoftEuros!! NEver let it diiieee!!!!!11 But, yes, this has gone on too long methinks. lol
  2. Fuck the Devils long, and fuck the Devils hard. The New Jersey Devils and Republicans are two of the things Phil hates the most in this life.
  3. Yes, that's the one. The Sci-Fi channel did a miniseries of it, I think in 2000 or so, that was decent. They also did a mini-series on one of the sequel books that was good.
  4. Not quite, because the movie will probably be awesome. Probably not as great as the books, though.
  5. Very nice. Keep rolling with Igor! The positive about the later start time is that I'll have time to watch the Dune movie before the hockey game starts, so that's good!
  6. Yeah, two sides to every story indeed. But, it just seems like everything, even something like constructive criticism is considered bullying now. Just a lot of thin skin. I think both the Rangers and VK could have done things better, but Vitaly just needed to put his head down and go to Hartford and get some minutes. Jones was very clearly upset about going back down, but he put it in stride.
  7. I mean, that's the key right there. The Rangers haven't lost a game yet so far in this early season when scoring more goals than their opponent.
  8. Perhaps he does not enjoy bondage. It's not for everybody.
  9. It would be cool if the Rangers won the game tonight since I am a Rangers fan, that would be ideal.
  10. We know there was interest there during the offseason. Now that the Rangers have someone who really needs to move, and St. Louis probably will wants to move Tarasenko, they could probably make something work now more than in the summer. It would be a good trade for both teams, I think, and like you said, it moved Kreider down to the third line where he'd probably a better fit.
  11. It is, but basketball is always going to take preference over hockey in NYC. It's still kind of a niche sport there, all things considered, where as compared to other markets, like Minnesota it's basically hockey all of the time. Sure, the Vikings are big, but that's a hockey state. New York just has a lot and compared to Yankees/Mets, Giants/Jets, etc., the Rangers are just going to be behind all of them.
  12. It'll always be basketball > hockey for the folks at MSG, unfortunately. Rangers coverage was better on NHL Network. lol Now we have ESPN back in the fold and TNT, so that will really help. At least they would actually talk about the Rangers if they were one of the best teams in the league.
  13. Finally some more information! New backup goaltender Vitaly Kravtsov.
  14. Yes. I'm rooting hard for the cap to go up nicely over the next couple of years. lol
  15. lol Well, he whined his way onto the Rangers. So, that's alright.
  16. Yeah, I mean losing Krav is going to suck, considering how enthused I was with his potential. I thought he'd be really good this year. Kakko has looked good and hopefully Lafreniere can take a step this season too. I think it's time for him to show more. It's just that the offensive depth takes a bit of a hit with the situation. I am glad they drafted what they did, though, I was kind of being facetious, because I would rather draft those guys than overpay anyway, especially since the Rangers will need to pay some of their prospects before too long anyway.
  17. I'm not so sure about the Drury and the 'soft Euros' thing, but since he's been GM, toughness and character have been his priority. Bringing in Reaves, Hunt, Blais, etc. Then you take a look at this past draft with Othmann, Berard and Cuylle and there seems to be a pattern. Having those types of players is nice, but a little more skill would also be good. lol That's what sucks about losing Kravtsov, and it's a shame they're probably going to give away someone that could've contributed nicely. They can use as much skill as they can get to round out the offense more.
  18. If they can all become the players we think they can based on potential, that's going to be one hell of a defensive group.
  19. Agreed. Honestly, I hope he doesn't. He doesn't really need to. MSG will be taking care of him, I'm sure. lol
  20. TNT has loaded up on personality, so that could be a better fit for him over there. I still wish he'd stay here because he offsets Valiquette very nicely. lol
  21. There could be two nines involved. Nine years at $90 million.
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