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  1. I've used all except the WiiU Owned all except the playstations
  2. Why is someone that started playing video games on an Xbox series X on twitter?
  3. I guess I don't get it... Another tweet talking about Canadian players traveling to the US to get vaccinated, and then returning to Canada. So, what are the rules today?
  4. Hart Memorial Trophy: McDavid James Norris Memorial Trophy: McAvoy Vezina Trophy: Varlamov Calder Memorial Trophy: Zegras Selke Trophy: Pageau Jack Adams: Jared Bednar Jim Gregory Award: Christopher Drury Lady Byng Trophy: MacKinnon Ted Lindsay Award: Auston Matthews
  5. Lafreniere - Zibanejad - Kreider Panarin - Strome - Hunt Kakko- Chytil - Kravtsov Blais- Goodrow - Reaves Lindgren - Fox Miller - Trouba Jones - Nemeth Shesterkin Kinkaid Scratched: Hajek, Henriksson, Tinordi Wild Cards: -If a rookie other than Lundqvist or Barron makes the team and you have them in the line up (3 pt) Henriksson makes the team, but is a scratch for game 1 -Predict a player signing/trade not currently listed below (even if they dont play or get sent down) (5 pt) Travis Barron - Hartford -Predict 1 player's point totals (g, a, pts) from the opening night game (5 pt) Rangers get shut out -Make a wild* prediction, if it comes true by/on opening night (5 pt) Lundkvist is not on the opening night roster -Predict who will be named captain** (5 pt) C - Fox, A - Strome & A - Kreider and A - Zibanejad & A - Trouba
  6. Do they make different flavors?
  7. OMG those buyout cap hits for Parise and Suter $4,743,588 $12,743,588 $14,743,588 $14,743,588
  8. I'm just saying, you can't solely blame the non This mindset is why the pandemic will continue. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/variants/delta-variant.html#:~:text=• Fully vaccinated people with,the virus to others. One individual may not have symptoms, but, as we know is true even if they are having minor symptoms it would not stop them from daily activities. Now, vaccinated are not even getting tested. Some places, they don't have to wear masks. again, they still spread it.
  9. Because you’ve deemed it ok. Science hasn’t.
  10. That’s a huge issue here. Everyone is like, “I got a shot, that’s enough”. And spread.
  11. Good list. Based on the scrimmages, I might not have Lundkvist on the list. Probably unrealistic expectations. I'd list Henriksson up there. He's fallen off a bit but was the most reliable, consistent forward. While Pajuniemi, Barron and Cuylle flashed some offensive game, defensively they showed their youth. Karl was solid throughout. Doing those little things you need to see from an nhler, especially bottom 6 where there would be an opening. That said, henriksson can still take another season to develop overseas.
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