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  1. The PP set up for Zib off the side; teams have seen it over and over, it's been defensed. The PP should concentrate and getting bodies in front of and shots to the net. While we shit all over the bottom 6, big changes is Gallant has them in specific roles and they're doing that job. There was no panic with a 1 goal lead. That is a marked improvement.
  2. A function of Stan Bowman doing the picking rather than which is better. No knock on Jones, but Fox is that good.
  3. How can you determine that was offside? And why is it even an issue after a certain period of time? Ridiculous.
  4. Define "bullying". Not saying it did not happen, I have no idea. But a boss telling a non hacker entry level young employee to get his ass in gear is not "bullying". It's life in a workplace. Of course, we all recall Drury calling Briere, Jagr, Forsberg and Sakic pussies on a daily basis.
  5. This guy who supposedly hates Euros just gave Zib and Igor huge long term contracts, has Nemeth as 3rd pair D, kept Lundqvist and Hajek over Jones, and kept Georgiev over Kincaid as 2nd G.
  6. At the point, simply let's see what happens. Not everything has a grand overarching theory to it. Dolan is a jerk, but he owns the team. And Drury was getting this job, if not now, someday soon. Gorton and Davidson did preside over some bad things, and their supposed patience with a team including Panarin, Zib,. Fox , Igor and two of the top 3 picks in 2 drafts does look a bit misplaced. Add in paying a pile of cash to D'Angelo to coach kids in south Jersey last season rather being here, tool he may be, was very dumb. Either they figure out a way to make Kravstov work here, or they trade him. The rest is details. And you would hope everyone involved will learn something. If getting yelled out by someone in authority in in entry level job, be it as a pro hockey player or a teacher or a fireman or a dishwasher, is now bullying, what the fuck. Soft bitches.
  7. You have to be a special kind of stupid to present a swag vax card at a border crossing.
  8. Hunt and Gauthier are worthless players. Either Kravstov is terrible and showed up drunk every day of camp or something else, no idea.
  9. Why is Chyil insisting on pretending he's Bobby Fuckin' Orr instead of putting a hard shot on net? Lot of that with the bottom 6. Panarin invisible. Other than Fox no confidence in any NYR D getting a decent breakout pass.
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