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  1. Can't say I quite connect the dots on the plot of the movie from the trailer, but will definitely be watching anyway. Neo FTW.
  2. Lol, is he wrong though? Fox isn't so good because of his physical stature, or his shot, or his goal scoring, or his speed. He has a lot of short comings that he makes up for with the material between his two ears.
  3. Would his pay be forfeit if he sits out? It's well documented he needs a surgery, so he could be characterized as physically unable to play, no? I don't know how Buffalo can force him to have a surgery, or not pay him if he doesn't. That's wild. I suppose a trade at this point depends on cost. Even a competing team might give a 1st, B prospect, and a bottom 6 roster player, then just IR Eichel and let him carry on with the surgery he wants. I've heard no such reduction in price on Buffalo's end though. I don't know why they would want this dark cloud of a situation hanging over their roster as they rebuild. Looney tunes.
  4. ". I do believe Buffalo re-engaged with interested teams to see where everyone stands. " The season is a month away, lol. Where do they think everyone stands? I doubt anyone wants to trade for him now. Maybe after the season, at an even further reduced price...or when he is back healthy after surgery.
  5. Good quote, but Dvorak is only 25 and also has potential to be better. Montreal wins on two fronts. The better player now, and still potentially the better player moving forward. We've seen plenty of players blossom after age 25. Both of our centers, for example.
  6. I've got a point that will never expire apparently. It was completely undeserved, of course
  7. Why you gotta tempt me like this?
  8. Dvorak makes even more sense for them. Younger and cost controlled
  9. As soon as you go to apply the update, Eichel's twitter is going to start following the Rangers twitter, then we get wind of Strome boarding a plane to Ottawa
  10. This will be the night the Rangers make a big move, unexpectedly.
  11. I think they go through hell for the multimillion dollar paycheck as the motivating factor, not to entertain schlubs like us watching on tv lol
  12. I wouldn't go that far. Fox is a success. You've got the guys you've mentioned. Also Chytil, Barron, Miller, Robertson. All it would mean is that winger depth, particularly on the right side, maybe isn't as deep with quality as it looks right now.
  13. Man, I dunno. I don't think ownership or upper management is interested in watching a whole year go by if these guys aren't producing after 20-25 games. Ownership in particular. Let's hope it doesn't even come to that though.
  14. I think you'll see some movement if/when Kakko/Kravtsov cannot handle the top 6 by themselves.
  15. I was excited about the Giants this year until I saw the offensive line this preseason. Now I'm fairly certain it will be another long year.
  16. I need hockey in my life again. Still a month and a half out since training camp and preseason is boring.
  17. If I'm Montreal, I'd probably let Kotkaniemi walk here and take the picks as compensation. This situation is basically like if Kakko has another bust season production wise and a team offersheets him for 6+M next summer. I'd want the Rangers to do the same with him if that scenario played out.
  18. The flip side to that is young teams often times get blasted their first trip to the playoffs. It's usually a necessary step to learn first hand how much the game changes that time of year. It was a learning experience for sure for those guys.
  19. Shouldn't have to remind you, but please post your sources.
  20. A trade and contract signed a month ago is months? Seems like fake news. By the way, Couturier and Zibanejad have nearly identical stats the last 4 years. Very close last year. And only one of them plays Selke defense. Zibanejad had the one half season or whatever two years ago that was god mode. Truth be told, if Zib for Couturier was on the table, I probably take it.
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