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  1. Yeah, NES for me as well. Now I use a switch and a SNES remake called the Analogue Super NT.
  2. I work with a guy who has to use some software for his emails that corrects all of his semantic, grammatical, and spelling errors. You remind me of him.
  3. Are you trying to tell a joke? Why would geography change facts?
  4. Channel is unemployedwineguy. I'm unfamiliar with his content outside of this video, but your description seems on-brand. @Keirik Really missing out lol
  5. Never forget that this song has a fucking DANCE breakdown
  6. Fuck, i'm still stuck on these malort videos. @Keirik Did you try this shit when you were here? Petition to rename thread: Weird Foods & Drinks
  7. Fuck...I've never thought about this. And the 25% of me that's Italian really wants to attack you right now.
  8. Stockholm syndrome in a fucking bottle, dude.
  9. Don't even talk until you've had Malort.
  10. We need an intervention for this shit though, for real. It's been haunting me for years.
  11. Ergo (you used it and now I am lol), peppers (bell, jalaps, etc.) are also fruits. Where are banana seeds? They're mad tiny, right? Like, I think we eat them. OLIVES ARE FRUITS. Shove that in your fucking swiss cheese sandwich.
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