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  1. Thats a stretch imo. Gorton and JD were fired for not garnering a roster that could protect the huge investments of the owner. It came to head with Wilson and Dolan probably didn't hear what he wanted to from them which was probably, "Stay the course."
  2. Always 2 sides to a story. Seems to me like they didn't conduct any interviews with this kid prior to selecting him. Wierd.
  3. Buffalo is 3-0. This bum was the anchor for the past few years. #BuffaloStanleyCupDestiny
  4. Id offer Zibanejads contract to Fox. Seems fair. Sets the "culture".
  5. There is so much we don't know or hear about. My assumption is that he would rather play in the KHL than the AHL and I get that. We should be okay with that as development also. Open mindedness does wonders and standing on principle generally sours relationships.
  6. Zib looks awesome. Love that he is a cornerstone with Panarin. Hope the supporting cast starts to show up.
  7. Maybe this should move into the politics thread but how do we go about fixing this issue?
  8. It is sad when someone is brought down by their demons. His poor wife and kid/kids.
  9. I like this teams makeup for the first time in years. Hoping they can grow together this year. It feels like more of a team than anything the franchise has iced since the letter went out.
  10. They look good but this isn't an expected playoff team they are playing. Concerning.
  11. Wouldn't the offer always be open to show up in Hartford even after failing to report? Wierd.
  12. Have Krav come back and swallow the pride. On another note; Dryden Hunt sucks and Trouba looks like he is in slow motion.
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