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  1. Cant have a team in Raleigh and Charlotte....Substitute Charlotte with Kansas City.
  2. Can ESPN+ be shared? Can I watch ESPN+ and my dad watch ESPN+ on the same account at the same time in 2 different locations?
  3. Miami Dolphins are in 1st Place in the AFC East!!!
  4. Going to start with putting preseason games up for sale Sec. 213, Row 16, Seats 20-21 Price is per pair 9/26 vs. Islanders $60 SOLD 9/28 vs. Bruins $55 10/6 vs. Devils $60
  5. Going to start with putting preseason games up for sale Sec. 213, Row 16, Seats 20-21 Price is per pair 9/26 vs. Islanders $60 9/28 vs. Bruins $55 10/6 vs. Devils $60 DM Me if interested Once Lundqvist Night is announced I will post a message about 1st Half Tickets. Don't shoot the messenger but these are the guidelines for attending a game at MSG: In accordance with government and league mandates, we've established required protocols for all guests attending a game at The Garden. All guests ages 12 and older will need to provide proof that they've had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Children under age 12 can attend games with a vaccinated adult, and children ages 4 to 11 will need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test (an antigen test taken within six hours of the event start time, or a PCR test taken within 72 hours of the day of the event). Fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear a mask. Everyone else, including children ages 2 to 11, will be required to wear a mask while in The Garden, except while actively eating or drinking.
  6. Rangers should let the Wilson thing play out a little bit during Game 1....Don't go out on the first shift and drop the gloves, line up Reaves at the same time as Wilson, but just go play hockey, make Wilson think that Reavo will be after him on the first few shifts, get into Wilson's head.
  7. Ida just made landfall by Port Fourchon LA, 150 MPH winds
  8. on the anniversary of Katrina :eek:
  9. I need to get my daughter (4th grade) a chromebook b/c at some point I am fully expecting that her class will be quarantined.....any recommendations on a simple to use chromebook that will be used mostly for classwork? Also, not looking to spend north of $350-$400. Thanks
  10. so did the Montreal Expos, best record in baseball. If anyone should be pissed about the strike it should be Expos fans.
  11. Better not be Nov. 8 vs. the Panthers.....I will be in the Florida that week. Just deactivated all my tickets on stubhub just in case by chance a game sells and that is the one that will be Lundqvist Night.
  12. Ugh! One of the greatest home grown NYR.....Looking forward to Lundqvist Night at MSG, better be this season!
  13. Gary Bettman has been on with Craig Carton for the last 30 minutes, he thinks this is just a negotiating tactic. He doesn't think Arizona is going anywhere.
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