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  1. Eagles lost, so life is good for a day.
  2. Not sure which teams makes me want to punch myself in the face more, the Mets or Giants.
  3. What a fall from grace for this franchise. Never would have dreamed this would happen a decade ago. Laughingstock.
  4. Another historic, epic, embarrassing loss by the Giants. Easily a top 10 debacle.
  5. Embarrassing. More proof this team, coach, GM and QB are in need of a purge.
  6. Yeah. I’d buy “super lunch” that day for a 3rd square (perhaps rectangle in East Islip)
  7. Sad but true. I’m all about hardcore watching/cheering on Bears opponents. Go Cincy in week 2!
  8. Growing up, a brick of Ellios after school for a snack was living the good life
  9. What a night for Lindor. entertaining series.
  10. Barkley at 2 Jones at 6 set this team back 10 years. I was on board with Barkley, and I was wrong. Jones at 6 will be remembered as an epic fuck up for this organization.
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