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  1. I don't really get the argument to bridge the superstar Norris Trophy winner so we can possibly give the struggling Laf and Kakko big contracts? Bridge Fox so we can give big contracts to Laf and Kakko IF (and thats a big IF) they get close to Fox' level of play. Doesn't make sense. You lock in the known and bridge the unknown. There's nothing unknown with Fox but both Kakko and Laf are still big question marks. Even if (again, big if) Kakko comes back from the injury and puts up 70 points in 75 games this season you can still bridge him untill Kreider's contract is up. Same with Laf in 2023.
  2. McDavid with his 3rd consecutive 3 point game and he only played 15 minutes. When was the last time someone finished the season with 150+ points and a 2 p/pg pace? I seriously think McDavid has a shot at it, he's insane.
  3. This thread got out of hand and hilarious real quick. Most of you agree with each other but are still arguing against each other lol
  4. have to be a better option than McKegg, no? If he gets that far, I would guess a couple teams are interested. Why did Seattle do this tho?
  5. You talking about the 3 games he played in the VHL in 2019 before going back to Traktor and playing the entire next season and was one of their best players? I guess he was tired of having to "prove himself" a million times while watching Kakko, Lafreniere, Howden, Gauthier etc play like shit. Strange that Lafreniere has never been sent down to work on his "conditioning" when he has looked like a fat minor leaguer strugling to breath since he got here. Same with Kakko his first season.
  6. Lol wut, did he mean rich because he got a new contract or is that just a horrible translation? Either way, Panarin is hilarous
  7. There's a difference playing top 6 minutes in the NHL to "up his value" than go back to Hartford that he obviously don't like. He has it better in Russia than in Hartford, even if that means not playing hockey. He's made that clear now. Would you go to Siberia and work for a shitty salary just so your employer could get some extra value from you? Because that's the comparison here.
  8. Yeah and that's another problem. Rangers atm will have 19.2m in cap space for next season. Fox gonna get around 9 (minimum 7 on a bridge deal), Strome gonna get 5-6m atleast, they also need to sign Kakko, Blais, Gauthier/Hajek/Rooney and a backup goalie. How do they fit in Tarasenko's 7.5m next season?
  9. Sure, but it would be nice to get back something with more "long term potential". There's no way we can afford Tarasenko after this season unless they magically makes Kreider disappear or they sacrifice Strome for him (that would be really dumb). Again, I'm not really against a Krav/Tarasenko swap, its just that it could look really ugly really fast. And I'm not over Kravtsov yet, I'm still crying going through his socials before I go to bed
  10. I like him, I do. I was actually happy with the return of Blais + 2nd when the trade happened. We had to trade Buch and everyone knew it, I wasn't expecting too much. Its just the total package of Krav+Buch(+?) for Blais, Tarasenko for half a season, 2nd. Blues get Buch for 5 years minimum and a really good prospect. We get a bottom 6 forward and a wing for half a season. Sure , if we trade for Tarasenko at the deadline and win a Cup I couldn't care less about Buch and Krav, but that's not likely, and I don't see anyway we can keep Tarasenko more than this season. So in 3-4 years we have (hopefully) Blais still here as a solid bottom 6'er and Tarasenko is long gone while Blues have Buch as a top 6 winger and potentially another top 6 winger. I'm not really against this trade with how things are at the moment, its just gonna look horrible in a few years (unless they win a Cup obviously).
  11. Buchnevich and Kravtsov (and maybe more) for Blais and Tarasenko gonna look so fucking bad in a few years.
  12. Yeah, lock Fox up asap. Its either a 3-4 year deal worth 7-8(?) mill, then he gets a 8 years x12-13 mill contract as a 27-28 y old. All of a sudden paying a 35 y old 13 mill a year. Or 8 years x 9-10m now that takes him to 32. In 3-4 years when the cap goes up (and he would have to sign a new contract if he's bridged) he'll be locked in for 9-10m for his prime years. That's a really good deal. What's the upside with the bridge here really? They save a couple mill on the cap for the next 3-4 years? Do we really wanna take this risk to save a couple mill? Yes he only wanted to play in New York, but things can change. Lets say they never make a SC run the next 4 years. Panarin's contract is up, Mika is old, Kreider is gone, Kakko and Laf never becomes the stars we hoped for. I could see a world where 28 year old Adam Fox goes to UFA to cash in big time or goes to a contender. Its just a risk not worth taking. Adam Fox is not the players we try to save a mill or two on. If he accepts anything under 10 mill thats a discount anyway.
  13. Yeah, he accepts 9/9.5 instead of demanding 11m, thats a big discount.
  14. Yeah. 7x4 and then 13x8 is much worsen than just giving him the 9-10x8 right away. They won't save much per year on a bridge deal anyway. And bridging Fox in case Kakko and Laf breaks out is not really the way to go. If they break out you can just bridge them. Fox is one of the best players in the league at his position. Lock him up asap. Besides, a 9.5m x8 contract for Fox gonna be fucking awesome in 3-4 years when the cap goes up.
  15. In this instance I actually think we can. It was leaked negative things about Kravtsov from a private meeting. There's absolutely no reason for Krav's camp to leak that, so the only reasonable solution left is that the org leaked it (or that the writers just made it up). The other instance you mentioned happened at a training in front of the entire team + coaching staff etc. That's clearly a different scenario.
  16. I don't think anyone is giving Krav the benefit of the doubt here? Its one side who says "Krav fucked up, but the org fucked up aswell" and the other side is claiming Kravtsov is an entitled, spoiled little shit kid that does everything wrong. So you think Kravtsov's agent called the writers to leak it? Not the organisation that's daily in contact with these writers? I don't see any reason Krav and his camp would leak the information that's been leaked from that meeting, it does him no good.
  17. This. Its easier to blame the "kid", instead of actually looking at the org and maybe realize that there's some problems there I guess. So how do you think these writers got info about the exit meetings behind closed doors? Do you think Kravtsov himself called these writers and tell them? Or maybe they've installed some secret microphones in the meeting room?
  18. I’m not sure if I did it right, but I think its done now
  19. Lol cant even acknowledge him without taking a jab. This is not the first game he's won for this team. He's been mostly brilliant expect a few bad games. His stats backs this.
  20. Nice to see Shesterkin stealing games. Didnt watch the game, but the stats from this one is funny lol. Mika had the best FO% on the team with 29%. Fox with over 28 minutes. What's the reason he got 4:20 shorthanded TOI, while Trouba/Nemeth/Miller only played 1:30 each? Trouba almost had the same PP TOI as Fox. That game winner should get Panarin going and Mika have a goal and 4 assist in the first 4 games while not looking very good. Can't wait till he gets hot again.
  21. Aah, the good old "locker room cancer" angle. Yeah, I could really see the young russian that speaks bad english really fuck up the locker room and have everyone hate him.
  22. Well you all keep saying that, but not sure how true it is. Gauthier was a healthy scratch last game right? And Gauthier got a spot over Kravtsov right? So why would they all of a sudden turn around and have Kravtsov over Gauthier just because Kravt went to Hartford and played a game? They also recalled McKegg over Barron. And now with Kakko out aswell it would be nice to maybe give Pajuniemi a chance? Had a decent camp and went to AHL with no complaints. I won't hold my breath, because we have the mighty McKegg ready to fill in.
  23. I don't know, could have something to with the org, how shitty Hartford is and his relationship with the FO here?
  24. It's the same bullshit from the "woke gang" all the time. They scream and cry but won't listen to what's actually being said. Its like arguing with 5 year olds, its just impossible. Awesome special again from the goat of comedy. Especially loved the story about his trans friend, I really thought that would open some of these people's eyes, but I guess that's not possible.
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