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  1. This broadcast is much better, Flyers front office is where it’s at, I’m a flyers fan now, they have announcers and their prospects fight…thanks
  2. Not even 1 fight, total failure. I’m done with this team
  3. The fucking lost? What a way to start the season. Fire the staff and GM, tired of this lousy organization.
  4. MJF is an absolute legend on the mic
  5. I fucking love AEW, open up with Adam Cole in a great match so far. Bay Bay!
  6. Happy birthday to the best Rangers player everrrrrrrer
  7. I know everyone loves hearing about and agrees with me becoming a mod
  8. I tried the synthetic ice that my brother got for my nephew. I’m not a fan of it for skating. It’s decent for stick handling and shooting
  9. Hopefully that’s the Lindor that shows up the rest of his contract, dude was a beast last night.
  10. Let the record show, I only want signature for my mod signature
  11. Ok, tried that but it wouldn’t work with the picture of the signature. Maybe I was doing something wrong. Thank you kind sir. Now make me a fucking mod already
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