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  1. One thing I have liked, and it’s been noticeable the last 2 games, is the conditioning. Yes, Toronto dominated us and if it weren’t for Igor, our doors were blown off. But, late in that game, the Rangers seem to have a little extra jump. Same went for tonight. The Rangers were winning all the battles late tonight. The scoring is going to come. The fact that they’re winning games right now the way they are is very, very encouraging. Big time learning.
  2. Good overall effort. Again, another game to build on. Let’s finish this game strong and walk out of the Honky Tonk with 2 points and then go get drunk at Tootsies!
  3. Lafreniere has looked good tonight, goal aside. Taking lots of shots.
  4. Nashville is hitting everything in sight. Particularly targeting Blais. I’d love to finally see Reaves do something.
  5. They’ve shown up for half the game in just about all 4 games, and walked out with points in 3 of 4 against tough opponents. If they can show up for a full 60 tonight, they’ll be fine against Nashville.
  6. No doubt it would likely take some maneuvering and/or seeing if STL might be willing to eat a % of the cap hit to facilitate a trade if the Rangers sweeten the deal, which they most certainly can.
  7. I’m not worried about tomorrow or down the road in this type of deal honestly. If Kravtsov comes back to bite us in the ass, so be it. It’s already a closed door. Im not looking for futures. I’m finally worried about today. We have enough here that will be here both today and tomorrow. A deal for Tarasenko will give the Rangers a tremendous opportunity to do something special over the course of the next 2 years IMO. It doesn’t make us unbeatable, but it sure fills a hole. And while other holes exist, having the scoring that a potential Top-6 featuring Zibanejad, Panarin and Tarasenko would have would alleviate a lot of other issues that may exist.
  8. Tarasenko is signed for next year too, FYI. So it wouldn’t be for half a season. If this deal were to ever happen even somewhat soon, it would be for nearly 2 seasons (this and all of next).
  9. Totally fair comment. Tarasenko is still interested in being dealt. If he isn’t going to stick around long term, why not gain a prospect with high upside (questionable character too so I understand the questions). I’m sure it wouldn’t be as cut and dry as Kravtsov for Tarasenko straight up. I’m sure we would have to add a bit. But this is an Avenue that months ago seemed somewhat redundant yet today seems like a decent fit. We could badly use someone like him in the Top-6.
  10. Adding Tarasenko also alleviates pressure off of Lafreniere and Kakko to become 35-40 goal guys in the next season or 2. Obviously, they would still be given ample opportunity to do that. But we would also have superstar compliments like Zibanejad, Panarin and Tarasenko to fall back on should they need more time. To me, it’s the best of both worlds. Might Kravtsov+ for Tarasenko look bad in 15 years? Sure. But if Tarasenko comes in and produces (he looked fantastic last night FWIW), and our kids hit their stride, and Zibanejad and Panarin remain healthy? You’re talking about a real legitimate shot for this team to start day dreaming about making noise much sooner than later. Kravtsov is going to be gone. To me, a deal for Tarasenko actually now makes sense whereas a few months prior, it didn’t. Rolling with something along the lines of: Lafreniere-Zibanejad-Tarasenko Panarin-Strome-Kakko Kreider-Chytil-Blais Goodrow-Rooney-Reaves That would be an extremely solid group. Mix and match how you please.
  11. An interesting question… Just finished watching VGK-STL. Tarasenko was a force, scoring 2 goals but having numerous other scoring chances, notably being robbed in the slot by Lehners glove in the 2nd period. The talk for months has been about our depth at wing. Suddenly, with Buchnevich gone and Kravtsov having the mental capacity of a 6 year old in Toys R Us, our depth there has been potentially called into question. All it took was an injury to Kakko (hopefully back within days) for us to be playing plugs like Hunt in the Top-9 and on the 2nd PP unit. Now, even though Tarasenko is playing and producing, as far as we know, the Blues would be willing to move him. This whole issue was never completely put to bed and as far as know, the request to be moved was never rescinded. He’s still out there and attainable in the right move. My question is this: do they potentially have interest in Kravtsov? When we moved Buchnevich there, the assumption was that we were moving forward with making some room for a person like Kravtsov on the wing. Clearly that isn’t happening. Would a package of Kravtsov and potentially another prospect (a lesser prospect) be of interest? We can certainly fit Tarasenko in for this season, as the room is there. He has 2 years (including this season) left on his deal. Perhaps if they were willing to eat a percentage of that money, and the Rangers can meet their ask for a top flight prospect like Kravtsov who needs a change of scenery, maybe there is a match after all? In this scenario, you would have to imagine Kreider would be slotted down to 3rd line, leaving your wingers on the top 2 lines as Panarin, Tarasenko, Lafreniere and Kakko. Just a thought. I have always been fairly opposed to this and never believed it made sense with what we believed to be a lot of depth on the wings. But suddenly, that is called into question. Maybe this could be a route Drury looks to?
  12. Let me get this straight… We open the season on a National Broadcast and MSG doesn’t give us a postgame show. The Knicks open the season on a National Broadcast and MSG gives them one? AND they had a pregame show, while we didn’t. Is this a joke? We BOTH call the Garden home. I am so fucking sick of the biased bullshit this network has for the Knicks. The lack of coverage on MSG fucking sucks. Even when we were winning the Presidents Trophy and winning the East while the Knicks were struggling to finish with 20 wins the coverage still leaned heavily their way. Absolute travesty. MSG Network fucking sucks.
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