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Found 5 results

  1. Miserable day for opening day. Is it really necessary to introduce the entire Toronto Blue Jays including the massage therapist? Blue Jays unis are slick.
  2. Super pumped about the season, the lineup and rotation looks as good as any I've seen in my life as a Mets fan. Also really excited they were able to get that deal done with Lindor, he's a great guy to have as the franchise cornerstone
  3. I figure there's a Mets Thread, so why not a Yankees thread! Now that Rangers season is over, I look to my other long time favorite team to bring home the cheese this season! I go back quite a ways with the Yankees as well; As a matter of fact I still have my Bobby Murcer bat from Bat Day in 1971. The guy sitting next to me caught a foul ball in his beer from Horace Clark, and Ron Bloomberg hit a home run. They weren't so good back in those days, but I watched them on WPIX with Frank Messer, Bill White and the Scooter doing the games as a kid. Anyway, just wanna get a running thread for us Yankees followers....no disrespect to the Mets folk...I'll root for them when they're on and Yanks aren't, but I don't follow them as closely. I do have to start off with one thing though: HOLY SHIT!!! Garrit Cole is the Eight Wonder Of The World!!! Do anyone see that stat last night: He hasn't walked a batter since April 12th!!! That's a month without a free pass!! The guy is simply overpowering!! Judge is starting to hit, but a lot of them gotta get their shit together at the plate!
  4. http://mlb.mlb.com/cutfour/index.jsp#contentId=43925576 Are you kidding me Pittsburgh? This is ridiculous. I'll try one when I go out there this summer.
  5. Sports fans can pursue US antitrust case over programs http://sports.yahoo.com/news/1-sports-fans-pursue-us-antitrust-case-over-181847266--nhl.html
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