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Found 7 results

  1. If you guys prefer season based threads I can change the title or remake and pin that thread instead. Let me know
  2. Sigh.... More losing. Some bright spots last night and then a few bonehead plays. Engram was awful.
  3. I did not see a thread for this so I figured I'd start one for the Jets fans on the forum. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/23574109/new-york-jets-trade-qb-christian-hackenberg-oakland-raiders-pick
  4. Keeper league, need to decide who to keep. Can't keep a player 2 years in a row, so most of the top guys should be back in the draft. TD ONLY league, 16 teams. Need to Keep 1: Reggie Wayne Tony Romo Romo will put up more points, but with a bunch of QBs going back into the draft pool, I'd have a good chance to snag a QB in the first round. So, not sure I'd want to keep Romo and then draft a Peyton or Brady in the first round. I'm sure both Wayne and Romo would be on the board at my pick (thinking I'm around pick 10-12)
  5. For once, BuzzFeed gets it right http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/2014-02/enhanced/webdr03/2/12/enhanced-buzz-13242-1391363378-8.jpg http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/2014-02/enhanced/webdr06/2/12/enhanced-buzz-9768-1391363421-9.jpg http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/2014-02/enhanced/webdr02/2/12/enhanced-buzz-734-1391363439-16.jpg http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/2014-02/enhanced/webdr02/2/12/enhanced-buzz-2686-1391363469-17.jpg http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/2014-02/enhanced/webdr02/2/12/enhanced-buzz-20212-1391363704-4.jpg http://www.buzzfeed.com/austinhunt/nfl-and-star-wars-helmet-mash-up
  6. For some reason this had me in stitches...at least I'm not the only one who thinks some of the NFL names are kind of...out there...nowadays:
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