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No. He was never supposed to show up. Think to the Raw that had Cena and Rock set as the WM Main Event a year in advance. Odds are Sting shows up tomorrow and that's when the noise happens.


I think you guys think I'm kidding or just playing a gimmick or something when I say I don't watch WWE. I really don't. I have no idea what you're referring to. I never even watched that match. It's still in my Netflix queue, though, so maybe one day I'll finally get around to it?


Lemme know when Sting shows up. I'll at least catch those highlights on YouTube.

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Championship match was epic. The Batista Bomb/RKO combo was a sick bump and Orton looked to be legit hurt from it (he fell on one of those monitors and his back was bleeding).


The Taker fight was a snooze fest. I guess he wanted to put over Lesnar for whatever reason. There is a rumor that he was supposed to kick out but because he was concussed he didnt react in time but I doubt that is true.

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I actually thought it was a really good match but then again, I caught the tail end of it


The end was good and exciting because they were doing all their finishers and submission moves but it was super slow I thought. Turns out there was good reason for that though, Undertaker suffered a pretty serious concussion and was taken to the hospital last night.


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The reports that there may be a Sting vignette, and the fact that nothing is on TV right now outside of a boring Devils/Flames game has me watching RAW for the first time since CM Punk's "pipebomb" promo — well, the week after.


Let's see how long this lasts...


I'm already tired of Danielson. I know that much. Never understood the fascination with that guy.

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