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After years of processions, Monza throws up two absolutely surprising races in a row. Very unexpected result, but McLaren have been improving steadily and would've likely won this race even without the Verstappen/Hamilton incident, which just spiced things up even more. Well deserved 1-2 for the team after all the hard work and misery of the last 5-6 years.

You just knew that was going to happen with Verstappen and Hamilton eh. Especially Hamilton getting squeezed on Lap 1. Not to mention all the past history of this season. Neither driver gives each other an inch and neither yield today. Ultimately, good for Verstappen as he extends his championship lead thanks to yesterday's sprint points. And this championship just gets even more tension as we go down the final stretch.

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Yeah the replays showed that incident to be much sketchier than it looked at first. Could've been a very serious or maybe even fatal head injury for Hamilton so it was a close call for sure. The roll hoop also did it's job in holding up the chassis of the Red Bull. But just goes to show why they crash test these cars to such a high standard. 

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25 minutes ago, 4EverRangerFrank said:

VER assessed a 3-place grid penalty next race for crash with HAM. I do not agree. 

If FIA wanted to take a ‘pass’ then call it a racing incident. 

Very surprised by this

Sounds like Verstappen will take his PU penalty next race then

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36 minutes ago, 4EverRangerFrank said:

Paul DeResta talked about an incident he had with Senna where the wheel was near his shoulder and the tire was spinning. Said it was frightening. I bet. 

Sure could've used the Halo on this day, Liuzzi's car nearly decapitated poor Michael. 


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Pretty gripping race even before the rain came...and that just turned out to be icing on the cake. It's too bad Hamilton won but he was sadly consistent all race, managed his tires well and benefitted from a good call by Mercedes to bring him in for inters just in the nick of time. Another lap and he too would've been going off-track like Norris and handing Verstappen a potential win.

I don't understand why Norris kept ignoring the team though? At worst he would've been 2nd and would've been in a good position to make up the time lost and re-pass Hamilton on track, regardless of whether Hamilton pitted for inters or not. Young Norris is fast but still has some ways to go...

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