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  1. If he had just acted like an adult and professional, he would have been called up today for Kakko. This guy is a head case.
  2. If he is out in IR, isn’t that at least 2-3 weeks he is out for? This can’t be good for him.
  3. I agree with everything you said, put who do they put out there in OT on defense? Outside of Fox, the defense has looked pretty bad. Lindgren and Nemeth aren’t offensive guys, Miller he’s been to inconsistent and Lunkqvist is too new. He had some bright spots tonight, but his nerves definitely were getting to him. Hopefully he settles down quickly.
  4. While the were better than the first game, that still doesn’t say much. They have played well for 2 out of 6 periods. I know it’s early, but they look like absolute dog shit. No one can finish. The only bright side is that Kreider looks like a totally different player out there. He is more physical and looks more in the zone out there.
  5. This is crazy. The kid is just getting over an injury, and I’m sure he wasn’t staying down there. He would be better off playing there and getting into game shape. Very disappointing on his end. Like others have said, Wahlstrom was the guy I wanted, and now it sucks we are in this predicament. Let’s hope we can get something decent in return now.
  6. I’m calling it, Barkley is a bust. Every year he is injured. This team is a hot mess.
  7. This was hysterical. Sucks he isn’t doing anymore for Netflix.
  8. Absolutely this. It’s a similar contract as to what Barkov got in Florida.
  9. This was such a bad movie. Outside of the characters, this had nothing to do with the Sopranos. I thought this would go into how Tony got made, the story line didn’t even need him in it. This was worse than the ending of the Sopranos show.
  10. Yes it’s only pre-season, but if they can play like this all season, there should be no doubt that they make the playoffs and could do some damage. They looked good as a group.
  11. I think playing Tinordi worries me more than losing Reaves. That guy is as slow as a turtle out there.
  12. He has been practicing his fighting, just wait until his first one. He will show you.
  13. I don’t know if I can blame Judge and Garrett yet. The team they inherited was hot garbage. This team has basically no talent. Gettleman needs to go and never work in the NFL again, but I would like to see what Judge and Garrett can do with some kind of talent. That won’t happen, they will clean house, hopefully, after the season.
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