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  1. 1. Adam Fox 2. Artemi Panarin 3. Igor Shesterkin 4. Mika Zibanejad 5. Chris Kreider 6. Ryan Strome 7. Kappo Kakko 8. Ryan Lindgren 9. Alexis Lafreniere 10. Filip Chytil 11. K'Andre Miller 12. Jacob Trouba 13. Kevin Rooney 14. Julien Gauthier 15. Alexandar Georgiev 16. Nils Lundkvist 17. Sammy Blais 18. Barclay Goodrow 19. Ryan Reaves 20. Patrik Nemeth 21. Dryden Hunt 22. Libor Hajek -2 23. Jared Tinordi 24. Greg McKegg 25. Morgan Barron
  2. Bump. Looks like Laf unless Kakko comes roaring back next week. Just comes down to the day. Laf pots another one today and those early November guesses are looking good...
  3. No matter what you protect the asset? No. When you tell the kid, hey you need to be in better shape to be an everyday NHL player so our trainer has designed a program for you and all you have to do is show up and work, then the kid says no thanks I'm good, there's no protecting the asset there. This is the NHL. They're trying to win hockey games. No time for coddling bratty prospects.
  4. Nah, using Bill Cosby who drugged and raped women for 40 years as an analogy "anything can lurk behind closed doors" realted to a sports exec/player yelling at other players is way off base.
  5. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/32452933/carolina-hurricanes-create-website-troll-montreal-canadiens-only-hacked If you didn't click the link in time: Why the site is down:
  6. No they aren't. Colorado is. You should steer clear of casinos.
  7. I was close. Update: Panarin - Strome - Tarasenko Kreider - Zib - Kakko Laf - Chytil - Blais Goodrow - Rooney - Reaves Just start engraving the cup now.
  8. I'm sure the Isle would gladly replace Nelson ($6M) and Varlamov ($5M) with Tavares ($11M). The Isles were 21st in GF last year. Lack of offense is what's preventing them from getting over the hump.
  9. Well if push comes to shove, buying him out still saves more cap than trying to bridge Fox.
  10. PK won the Norris while on a bridge deal and we're talking about Fox signing the same deal now, that PK signed in 2014. I think that's a good deal.
  11. Yes, Kakko and Laf are prime candidates to bridge until CK and Trouba are tradeable. Even if they both improve, neither one is close to bringing home any hardware. Fox has a trophy on his shelf that says he's the best Dman in the league.
  12. I mean, you tell me how logical people are supposed to interpret this: "The scary part is, he's brought in NOTHING BUT grit, bottom line players and D men, while dumping 2 top line skill guys. Drafted that way too. Seemed to attract these types of players in his years as Rangers Captain. We saw the team switch from pure skill with Jagr [Euro] and the boys [Euros Nylander and Straka?], to complete dogshit with Gomez, Drury Brashear, Hollweg, Rissmiller [All North Americans] and tons of other garbage. Eventually landing Gaborik [Euro] and building a hockey team as he was pushed out the door by Torts and injuries."
  13. First point is: Great, Fox wanted to come here. Doesn't mean you even attempt to nickel and dime him or abuse his desire to play her to save a buck. Not following the connection to playoff wins and Fox? You word for word said, "Winning teams in todays nhl aren’t around a D player being your best player. He cannot contractually surpass our best offensive players." Those teams spent boat loads of money on the top offensive players in the game and haven't won anything. So yea, D is important. When I say pay him market value, and you say that's "bend[ing] over backwards", the obvious alternative is low balling him. Market value is in the $9 million range per year. Bridge or no bridge. He won the Norris trophy. Were not paying more now and hoping the production increases.
  14. Pretty sure he can't play Saturday either. IR is 9 or 10 days I believe.
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